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Much like other MMOs, there’s a winter event striking Destiny 2. The event is called The Dawning and it brings in some new content to enjoy along with a few collectibles. If you’re going to the event then chances are you’ll want to gather any and all items available before Bungie moves away from the winter-theme.

We’re here to lend a helping hand and in this particular guide, we’ll showcase just how to quickly gather up Bright Dust.

As mentioned above, the Winter Event won’t last forever, in fact, players only have until January 5, 2018, before Bungie ends the event. When that happens, the loot that was available during the event will be taken away and likely not available for a good amount of time, but that’s purely speculation.

Due to the holidays, there could be a slight chance you’re going to end up missing some gameplay for Destiny 2 and as a result, going through the Eververse may seem appealing to gather these items up quickly with little effort.

However, if you’re looking to not spend any money on the game then Bungie does offer gamers the chance to use Bright Dust within the game to make those purchases. Now the struggle is put on collecting Bright Dust, but luckily, there are a quick means to farm the material.


How To Farm Bright Dust

Farming Bright Dust is relatively easy especially if you collect items earned from Eververse and the Bright Engrams. As it turns out, players can dismantle items from the Bright Engram to gain Bright Dust. One of the easier items to collect and dismantle is Shaders.

The Shader is an item that would allow the ability to alter the color of various other items such as weapons, ships, and sparrows. However, if you don’t need Shaders then you can get Bright Dust through its dismantle and as a result, you may quickly gain enough Bright Dust for a desired item.

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