Destiny 2: How To Activate All 8 Heroic Public Events | Secret Events Guide

While running around the four planets featured in Destiny 2, you’re bound to stumble straight into a Public Event. These are large combat trials that don’t require fireteams. Anyone in the area can join in and help defeat the forces of darkness. These Public Events give pretty good rewards, but if you’re looking to enhance your chances and maybe earn an Exotic Engram or other great goodies, the Heroic Public Events are what you’ll want to unlock.

Every Public Event features a Heroic alternate version that can be unlocked by completing secret optional objectives. Instead of destroying the Arsenal Walker, you’ll need to disable the shield generators. Instead of defeating Wizards, you’ll need to blast shielded crystals. There are 8 different Public Events, and all of them have a Heroic variant you can join. Here’s how to activate all 8 types.

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How To Activate All 8 Heroic Public Events

Public Events are pretty self-explanatory. They’re events that take place in public areas. There are 8 different major types of Public Event, and you’ll get an alert when an event is about to begin. Public Events do not require fireteams to participate — all you need are lots of like-minded Guardians exploring around the same zone as you.


When a Public Event begins, you can complete a special set of requirements to begin a Heroic Event. This drastically increases the difficulty and improves the rewards for completing a Public Event. Currently, Heroic Public Events are by far the best way to grind for Exotic Engrams.

NOTE: Heroic Public Events should probably be saved for Level 20 Guardians. The gear you earn is going to help you increase your Power Level in the end-game.

Heroic Public Events – How To Activate

  • Glimmer Extraction
    • How To Activate Heroic: Instead of killing the Extraction Crew, target and destroy the small generators connected to the floating Extractor by beams of blue light. Destroy all three to activate Heroic.
    • Heroic Objective: Defend Glimmer – Stand in the Glimmer pile until the meter reaches 100%. An endless swarm of Fallen and bosses will spawn.
  • Ether Resupply
    • How To Activate Heroic: When the giant Servitors spawn into the map, focus on the smaller servitors buffing the larger servitors. Keep destroying the small Servitors until the Heroic version begins.
    • Heroic Objective: Destroy the Servitor – The objective doesn’t change, but the Servitor does become more difficult and will spawn tougher Fallen to defend it.
  • Weapons Exchange
    • How To Activate Heroic: While fighting the Arsenal Walker, blast the legs until orbs fall out. When the orbs scatter, grab them and input orbs into the shield generators. There are three shields, and two generators per shield. Use one orb on each generator to disable the shield — when all three shields are down, the Heroic Event will start.
    • Heroic Objective: Destroy the Walkers – A second Arsenal Walker will spawn in the area. Now you’ll have two Walkers to deal with at the same time.
  • Witches’ Ritual
    • How To Activate Heroic: After defeating the Wizards, continue to stand on the circles until the shields around the portal crystals (top left and top right by the portal) drop. When the shields are down, shoot the exposed crystals.
    • Heroic Objective: Defeat the Abyssal Champion – An Abyssal Champion will spawn into the area through the portal.
  • Cabal Excavation
    • How To Activate Heroic: While standing in the Excavator circle, a Thresher ship will appear at 50%. Destroy the Thresher before the meter reaches 100% to begin the Heroic.
    • Heroic Objective: Eliminate the Excavation Valus – A Cabal boss will drop into the area. You’ll need to defeat him to complete the event.
  • Spire Integration
    • How To Activate Heroic: There are three smaller spires surrounding the central spike in the area. Find and stand in the circles for each of the three smaller spires to charge them to 100%. When all three are charged, the Heroic variant will start.
    • Heroic Objective: Hold Off Elite Vex – Swarms of difficult Vex will spawn into the area. You’ll need to hold them off for a set amount of time.
  • Injection Rig
    • How To Activate Heroic: While fighting the first Scion, the rig will begin to vent heat in an area-of-effect attack. Instead of leaving, shoot the open vents until they break to stop the overheating. At the second Scion, do the same thing to vents around the middle under the prongs. After defeating the last Scion, a vent will open at the bottom of the rig. Shoot it to unlock this tricky Heroic Public Event.
    • Heroic Objective: Defeat the Infiltrator Valus – A Cabal boss will spawn into the area. Pretty basic, but he won’t go down without a fight.
  • Taken Blight
    • How To Activate Heroic: Instead of killing Taken, enter the bubbles of blight to receives a short 4-second buff called “Blight Receding” — while buffed, you’ll be able to damage the large Taken Blight orb in the center of the event. Destroy the Blight to unlock this Heroic.
    • Heroic Objective: Defeat the Blightmaker – A tough Blight boss will spawn into the area. Again, totally basic, but defeating the Blightmaker will give you much better rewards than the regular Public Event.

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