Destiny 2: Homecoming Walkthrough | Beta Guide

Destiny 2’s beta has just kicked off this week and with it players are able to enjoy the first mission of the campaign, Homecoming. If you need a hand on how to progress through the mission then check out our guide below. Likewise, feel free to check out other Destiny 2 guides featured right here at Gameranx.

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From the start of Homecoming, you’ll want to progress through the corridors that are on fire. Provided for players are a few weapons which you can look at within your inventory. However, you’ll soon be given your first Exotic weapon.

Exotic Weapon Choices

Essentially, you don’t really get any options to choose for a particular Exotic weapon. Players are given one once they meet Zavala though it will change depending on the class you’re playing as.


  • Sunshot Hand Cannon


  • Sweet Business Auto Rifle


  • Risk Runner

After you have received your Exotic weapon, continue on within the corridors where you’ll have to face against Centurions. Take these enemies out and continue on to your next designated location for this mission, the Tower Plaza.

Tower Plaza

Once you have arrived at the Tower Plaza, players will have to take out the enemies that will land in drop pods. Afterwards, you’ll be able to meet with Commander Zavala. The meeting won’t last very long as you’ll have to help take down three waves of Cabal. During points of the fight, Zavala will yell out giving players a heads up of his shield that they can take advantage of.

The Speaker

After you defeated three waves, Ikora will alert players that they need to find The Speaker while Zavala will hang back and continue to defend the Plaza. At this point, players will be heading towards Tower North.

Once you pass the maintenance robot, you’ll continue forward where you’ll arrive at The Speaker’s chamber. From here, Ikora Rey will take out the Cabal enemies, though you can pick off a few drop pods until Zavala alert’s you to join the Command Ship.

Go through the double doors which will take players to a market. As you make your way through the market there will be a few Cabal that can be taken out. Your main goal is to make your way and reach the courtyard where Amanda Holliday will arrive to take you on the Command Ship.

Command Ship

Now that you are on the Command Ship, make your way up the ramps and kill off the Cabal. There will be schematics that the ghost can download as well. Continue progressing through the corridor until you reach Pashk, The Searing Will. Defeat the enemy, which won’t be difficult at all with the Power weapon.

The real boss fight is at the ship hull which you’ll find while continuing up the ramps. Once you reach the hull, you’ll face against Cabal Gladiators, Prison, along with Brann, The Unbent Blade. You’ll need to keep moving around to stay away from Brann while taking out the Gladiators and Prison.

After you have defeated the side enemies, you can start to put your focus on Brann. He has three bars of health so it’s best to focus on using the Special and Power weapon until he is successfully defeated.

Continue on through the doors and take out the variety of enemies within the hanger. After you have defeated them, glide down onto the bottom platform and continue on to the next corridor where you’ll battle against Kreth, The Living Skyfire.

To take out Kreth, The Living Skyfire, players should aim for his head which will only need a few hits before he is brought down.

With Kreth, The Living Skyfire out of the way, head into the shield generator room. You will need to destroy the shield generator by destroying the three exhaust turbines, however, be careful not to get hit by the rotating arms which will instantly kill players once they make contact.

After you have destroyed the shield generator make a quick escape to the hull where you’ll meet Ghaul.

This is where the mission ends though it’s worth playing a few times to get a feel of the new classes offered in the beta.

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