Destiny 2: Sentinel Breakdown | Class Guide

Destiny 2 has officially released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. PC gamers will have to wait just a little bit longer before they can get their hands on a copy.

With the game officially out, you may be curious as to the various classes available in the Destiny sequel. With the various classes available, we’ll give a quick breakdown as to what sets them apart. Likewise, take a look at our other Destiny 2 featured guides below!

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  • Titan

Super Ability
  • Sentinel Shield
    • Casts a Void Light which can be used to guard or thrown at an enemy.

  • Magnetic Grenade
    • Can attack to an enemy and explode twice.
  • Voidwall Grenade
    • Casts a wall of void light.
  • Suppressor Grenade
    • Prevents enemies from using abilities for a brief amount of time.

  • Defensive Strike
    • Create an overshield for yourself and nearby allies if you successfully kill an enemy with this attack.
  • Turn The Tide
    • Extends overshield duration, increases melee damage and reload speed.
  • Rallying Force
    • Melee kills will restore your health along with any allies that are in the nearby area.
  • Wind of Dawn
    • Can create a shield dome for your allies when Super energy is filled.
  • The Shield Bash
    • Slam your shield against an enemy after you have been sprinting for a brief amount of time.
  • Superior Arsenal
    • Successful grenade kill will recharge Grenade energy.
  • Second Shield
    • Adds an additional Shield Throw charge when Sentinel Shield is active.

  • High Life
    • Can jump while airborne.
  • Strafe Lift
    • Adds more direction control while jumping during airborne.
  • Catapult Lift
    • A slight boost during jumps during airborne.

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