Destiny 2: Want A Sparrow? Here’s How To Get One | Mount Unlock Guide

In Destiny 2, Sparrows aren’t so easy to earn. In the original, your Guardian earned a fast-travel Sparrow, making it infinitely easier to travel around the game’s expansive environments. That all changes in Destiny 2 — everyone won’t get a free Sparrow. In fact, your early mount is entirely luck-based. There’s no easy Campaign reward, and no quick fix to make travel easier. You’ll just have to play a lot — and pray to the gods of RNG until you’ve completed the story.

This is a pretty disappointing change from the original, but it’s not all bad. As you progress through each of the four major zones, you’ll unlock fast travel points which can be accessed at any time in-game from your Director overlay. There are multiple landing areas for each “patrol”, making it easier to sprint to the next closest location. If you don’t have a Sparrow, it’s probably a good idea to unlock those landing areas early.

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How To Unlock A Sparrow | Mount Guide

The Sparrow is a one-person mount a Guardian can summon from their inventory for a quick boost of speed. Weapons can’t be used on Sparrows, but boosting into opponents will do damage. Your Sparrow can’t be destroyed. If you leave it behind, just summon another one.

To earn a Sparrow, you’ll have to earn a new type of Engram — Bright Engrams.

Bright Engrams are earned by leveling up. When you gain enough XP, you’ll earn a free Bright Engram in your inventory. Turn these in to Tess Everis in The Farm to decrypt, and there’s a small chance you’ll earn a Sparrow.


There is another way to get a Sparrow, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the game.

  • To buy a Sparrow, find Amanda Holliday in The Tower Social Sector. She sells Sparrows for a cost. She’ll also give you your first Sparrow after completing the campaign.

The Tower will become available after completing the main campaign and defeating the last boss. The Tower is where you’ll find lots of new vendors and end-game activities, and Amanda Holliday is just one of the returning characters you’ll encounter there.

There are more ways to earn Sparrows — limited time give-aways and promotions — but we’re focusing on only the current, in-game methods for getting yourself a Sparrow.


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