Destiny 2: Here’s How You Can Unlock The Crucible | PVP Guide

The Crucible is the premier PVP arena in Destiny 2, and you won’t be able to access it right away. Unlike other online-focused FPS games, Destiny 2 tries to intertwine the gladiatorial combat zone into the story. The Crucible isn’t just a PVP contest, it’s also a way for your Guardians to train, blow off steam, and earn better gear. Basically, you’ll need to complete a few campaign missions first.

There are lots of advantages to playing Crucible Matches. Weekly, you’ll find Milestone rewards for participating in the Crucible — you don’t even have to win! You’ll earn rewards just for playing. Prizes are doled out in every match type. You’ll earn more rewards for joining the Competitive Playlist, but the Quickplay option still gives up lots of Engrams. It’s also worth noting that Competitive and Quickplay draw from the same loot pool, so you’ll be able to unlock the same stuff.

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How To Unlock The Crucible | PVP Guide

To unlock the Crucible, you’ll need to complete the third mission — Campaign Mission: Spark. Return to The Farm and talk to Lord Shax in the barn to claim your reward. The Crucible is only partially unlocked at this point — you’ll have to gain levels to unlock higher levels of challenge.

NOTE: Many players miss out on the Crucible because they don’t return to meditate with Ikora Rey. Make a trip back if you want to get into the Crucible ASAP!


The Crucible is set to negate level advantages. Weapon stats, Defense stats and Power Level are all standardized — armor doesn’t give any special advantage, and weapons have a set damage based on type only. Every Auto Rifle does the same damage as every other Auto Rifle. It’s all smoothed over and balanced, and your armor / weapon selection is purely cosmetic.


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