Destiny 2: How To Get The Scout Commander Aura | Farm Secrets Guide

Down on The Farm, the new Social Sector for Destiny 2, there’s more than a few junky old lore objects to scan in the environment. You can also earn something called the Scout Commander Aura, a little cosmetic upgrade that makes your Guardian glow all the time. To earn it, you’ll have to complete four different tiny activities around the EDZ. It’s fun, it’s kind of Easter egg-y, and it gets you a cute reward that’ll impress all the Guardians.

The Scout Commander Aura gives you a blue glow when you run around, and gives your Guardian a little movement boost — with it equipped, you’ll run faster and jump longer. All you’ve got to do is complete a few challenges. You’ll need to walk a tightrope, run on a rickety wheel, and more little Farm exploration activities. It’s simple fun and worth unlocking when you’re puttering about the Farm between missions. If you can tear yourself away from the soccer ball, that is.

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How To Get The Scout Commander Aura | Farm Secrets Guide

NOTE: The Scout Commander Aura disappears after you’re killed — this isn’t a permanent buff. Really, this is just a fun little Easter Egg-y activity to complete. There’s no real purpose behind it, but it is kind of secret, so that makes it worth doing.

To get the Scout Commander Aura, you’ll need to complete some (very) minor challenges around The Farm. Each time you complete a challenge, a notification will appear on your HUD – Sentry Rank x2, Sentry Rank x3, and Sentry Rank x4 will pop.

  • Vertigo: Start by climbing onto the building roof with the large dome-shaped device. Run from the outlier building to the central “barn” — use the thick bundle of black wires to cross to complete the Vertigo challenge.
  • A Wheel Boost: Next, get on top of the smaller house on the water near the bridge. There’s a water wheel here — run on top of it to get the next Sentry Rank.
  • Scouting Patrol: Go to the Fire Pit by the ocean next. Interact with the fireplace itself to go on a Scouting Patrol — your Guardian will glow red, and pillars of light will appear around the area.
    • The pillars of light will appear one at a time. Follow them all the way around the farm and be quick. When you get them all, you’ll get the Scouting Commander buff!

And that’s it! The aura / buff is all your’s. Very easy to get. Don’t miss out on the scannable objects found throughout The Farm, and in the EDZ in general. This is just the first weird secret in Destiny 2. Expect plenty more.


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