Destiny 2: Soccer Balls, Lava Skin & Bonus Keys | New Social Easter Eggs

Destiny 2 didn’t give up on Easter eggs. This is Bungie we’re talking about, and those guys are all about needlessly complex, elaborate, and straight-up weird Easter eggs. There were tons of Easter eggs in Destiny 1, including crazy secret Christmas messages and Halloween-themed Sparrows, and that kind of strangeness continues in Destiny 2.

The Social Sectors of Destiny 2 include some pretty major references for fans of the original game, but you’ll have to complete the story to experience all these Easter eggs. There’s a secret, bonus area you can unlock for finishing the campaign, and we don’t want to spoil it here. Let’s just say it right now — SPOILERS AHEAD. If you keep scrolling, you will find end-game spoilers, and learn about a second Social Sector that’s jam-packed with Easter eggs. If you’re looking to walk into Destiny 2 blind, stop right here.

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Social Sector Easter Eggs Guide

[WARNING: End-game spoilers ahead! If you don’t care and just want to know about the returning Easter eggs, keep scrolling.]


The Soccer Ball Is Back

Everyone that entered the Tower in Destiny 1 kicked around the soccer ball with friends. There wasn’t just a soccer ball, but a giant purple orb you could bounce around the environment freely. Well, as many reported in the Destiny 2 Beta, the soccer game is back. You can kick the soccer ball around with friends in the Farm, the new social space, and there’s even a goal!

The Farm isn’t the only place with a soccer ball. After completing the campaign, you’ll be able to return to a renewed Tower Social Sector. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also encounter the familiar soccer ball. Yes, the soccer ball is back in the tower. It was a long road, but you’re finally reunited.

And Your Skin Is Lava

Also found in the Tower, if you explore enough, you’ll find a very special object. Find it on the tower gantryway, next to the big purple ball. It says something to the effect of “Do Not Pick Up” — well, you can go right ahead and grab it. Interact with the odd little thing, and your Guardian will be in a world of hot lava.

For fun, you can also use the nearby fans to float even higher up in the hangar. That isn’t the only secret to discover, you’ll also want to search for special keys for bonus loot rewards.

Get Secret Keys & Mess With The Lights

The Tower is also home to two unique keys that open two very special chests. Get the “Loot-A-Palooza” Key in the Hangar, or track down the “Dance Party Key” in the Bazaar. While in the Hangar or Bazaar, there are even fun controls you can use to mess with the lights. Use the light switches near the Bazaar stairs or up in the catwalks at the Hangar.

And Get Started On Treasure Hunts

With the Tower truly unlocked, you’ll have access to tons of tough end-game content. One of the better quest-chains is found from a certain adventurer looking for strange treasures. Just like every other faction merchant, completing quests and buying stuff will increase your rank, and then you can trade those marks for new stuff. Treasure Hunts are just another weird vendor, but tracking down the odd items they want is going to be a good use of your time.

And lots more! We don’t know everything about the Easter eggs in Destiny 2 yet, so we’ll update these entries (and this article!) with everything else we find.


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