Destiny: Festival of the Lost – Broomstick & Emblem Easter Eggs Guide


Want to find some fun new cosmetic items for the Halloween season in Destiny? We’ve got a handful of unlockables specifically made for the 2016 Festival of the Lost event — you can find a blacker-than-black SUPERBLACK shader, or ride around on a very witch-y Broomstick Sparrow. There’s more to find in this holiday event, but we want to focus on only the items you can unlock by completing Easter eggs — everyone can get their hands on these particular items, and it won’t come down to random chance.

Speaking of the other stuff you can get in the Festival of the Lost, check out the official Bungie patch notes to see everything that’s been added. That includes tons of other vanity items for completing quests, or by earning rewards from Strikes, Trials or Crucible matches. There’s a lot to explore and do, so don’t miss out! The event ends on November 9th, so even if you miss this Halloween, you’ll have another week to enjoy the spooky activities.

How to Get Every Secret Unlockable

[Note: The Festival of the Lost Limited Event ends on the Weekly Reset on 11/9.]

How to Get the SUPERBLACK Shader:


If you still have your Raisins from the 2015 Festival of the Lost Event, they will naturally transform into Ascendant Raisins! Turn those bad-boys in to Zavala in the Tower to get a Salted Sweet.

If you don’t have Raisins from 2015, there’s another way to earn them — go to Eva Levante in the North Tower and complete her main-story Festival of the Lost quests to get a Raisin. Then talk to the Speaker; you can transform a Raisin into an Ascendant Raisin, it’ll only cost 25 Motes of Light.

  • When You Have the Salted Sweet, Take it To…
    • Take the Salted Sweet to the Cryptarch for a Winged Chew.
    • Take the Winged Chew to Amanda Holiday for Splice Drops.
    • Take the Splice Drops to Cayde-6 for Unchocolate.
    • Turn the Unchocolate in to Eris Morn for a Bag of Treats.

Now all you have to do is open the Bag of Treats, and the SUPERBLACK Shader will be your’s. … you’ll also get celery. Eris Morn is the worst at Halloween, guys.

How to Get the Broomstick Sparrow:

To get your hands on this amazing Sparrow, go to the Tower Hanger and continue down into the bar-like tavern. Look up at the right-hand wall’s shelves (past the Emote Vending Machine) — there’s a large green crate on the upper shelf.


Jump up onto the shelf and you’ll see a broom laying there. Hold down the button prompt when you get close, and recover a wizarding ride. Just check your inventory (or take a trip to the postmaster if your inventory was full) to equip this Sparrow and go for a ride.

If you want to see the Lost Broom in action, just scroll through the gallery below.


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