Destiny’s Tiny Box of Raising has a Quest | Festival of the Lost Guide

Remember that Tiny Box of Raisins that appeared in inventories during last year’s Festival of the Lost event in Destiny?

Well, it finally has a purpose. If you’re still holding onto them, like I have been, then you can skip the first part of a newly added quest that rewards you with a new shader called Superblack. It’s as cool as it sounds.

Here’s what you need to do the quest:

  • Speak to Eva Lavante at the Tower who will send you off to Eris Morn to pick up a Tiny Box of Raisins.
  • Combine the Tiny Box of Raisins and 25 Motes of Light to create Ascendant Raisins. If you already had one before from last year, you will have already completed this part of the quest, so you don’t have to waste Motes.
  • Take the Ascendant Raisins to Zavala and he’ll trade you some Salted Sweets
  • Bring the Salted Sweets to Master Rahool and he’ll give you Winged Chew
  • Take the Winged Chew to Amanda Holiday and she’ll give you Splice Drops
  • Deliver the Splice Drops to Cayde-6 for some Unchocolate
  • Bring the Unchocolate to Eris Morn for a Bag of Treats
  • Open the Bag of Treats and you’ll have your new Superblack shader and a Piece of Celery.

No one knows what the Piece of Celery does yet, so hold onto it.