Destiny 2 Zavala Story Trailer Released, Watch Here

A new story trailer has released today for Destiny 2, thanks to the game’s gameplay reveal event.

The trailer which focuses on Zavala can be watched down below. The trailer has a different approach to the other Destiny related stuff we saw today. It seems that Bungie is putting more time into the games narrative and giving a more fleshed out story to the players.

Check it out for yourself down below:

As there was an official gameplay reveal trailer, which you can watch here, it only manages to show 2 minutes of montaged footage. Thanks to Game Trailers, a full playthrough of what seemingly seems the opening mission has been released. Check it out here.

Bungie has made a lot of gamers happy when they announced that Destiny 2 would be coming to PC. For those interested to see what Destiny 2 can do on the PC, check out some of the features and specs for the game by clicking here.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 8. Stick with Gameranx as we bring more news on Destiny 2.