Best Minecraft PS4 Seeds

Minecraft PS4 seeds

[Updated: September, 2019 — Added new Minecraft seeds for the latest update.]

Minecraft’s world is generated randomly, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the necessary details to make up any Minecraft environment. It’s an almost unlimited game world based on algorithms that’ll make your mind explode if you try to think too hard about how the coders made it work. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that, but thankfully, seeds can be influenced and copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, allowing players to share the core worlds they play in. 

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Needless to say, forums, communities and wikis for Minecraft have been collecting some of the most interesting seeds available to the game on the PS4, so we’ve decided to collect them all in one place for you to have a choice in determining the world you build your game of Minecraft in.

The following selection of seeds is just a small sample of the countless worlds that the game can create on Minecraft for the PS4. Take a look at some of the current seeds or go back and enjoy some of the past discoveries.

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Best Minecraft PS4 Seeds

[NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.]

1.94 Seeds


If you’re looking for a seed that will help you out with plenty of resources and villages then check this one out. In this particular seed you’ll have a number of villages, coral reefs, a temple and even a shipwreck to explore. For the full rundown on this seed, check out the source right here.


  • 629, -240
  • 981, -645
  • 969, 47
  • 608, 934


  • -176, 236

Coral Reef

  • -703, 838


  • -736, 666


This is a unique seed because right at spawn you’ll be right next to three different woodland mansions and two pillager towers. This will make for an awesome area to build up and make as a base especially if you decide to interconnect these mansions. It’s a rare kind of seed and one that was posted about on Reddit. Because this is all at spawn you don’t have to worry about any particular coordinates.


This seed is full of content to make use of. You have over ten villages, temples and a ton of biomes. There’s also plenty of spawners, witch huts, mineshafts, mansions, monuments and more. This is one seed that’s going to give everything you’d probably want from a map. Below is a few highlights but there is plenty more to be discovered. More info on this seed can be found in the source right here.

Desert Temple

  • -1812, 72, 2326

Ocean Temple

  • 2185, 76, -714

Woodland Mansion

  • -309, 65, 52

Zombie Spawner

  • -999x 29, 718

Skeleton Spawner

  • 287, 61, 1020

Witch Hut

  • -2188, 65, 1779


  • -1189, 67, 728


Here’s a pretty full seed with villages and pyramids. You will find that there are also a few blacksmiths within the villages inside this map so starting off fresh using this map will make things a bit easier if you visit these villages marked below. More gamers have also reported additional content within the source forum right here of their own discoveries so you can be sure there is a ton of interesting locations to find while exploring the general area.


  • x -853, z -1464
  • x -263, z 1298
  • x 159, z 1213

Zombie Spawner

  • -995, 12, -311
  • -962, 14, -319
  • -974, 13, -313


This seed is full of content to make use of. You have over ten villages, temples and a ton of biomes. There’s also plenty of spawners, witch huts, mineshafts, mansions, monuments and more. This is one seed that’s going to give everything you’d probably want from a map. Below is a few highlights but there is plenty more to be discovered. More info on this seed can be found in the source right here.

Desert Temple

  • -1812, 72, 2326

Ocean Temple

  • 2185, 76, -714

Woodland Mansion

  • -309, 65, 52

Zombie Spawner

  • -999x 29, 718

Skeleton Spawner

  • 287, 61, 1020

Witch Hut

  • -2188, 65, 1779


  • -1189, 67, 728


If you enjoy seeds that focus on the landscapes for interesting gameplay then check this one out. It’s a seed that tosses players into a world filled with complex and oddity mountains that spews out waterfalls.  It may not feature a ton of villages or landmarks, but visually you may want to give this seed a look at. Source for this seed can be found right here.


Those looking to get into a survival island situation may find this seed particularly interesting. Players will start out on an island that also has a demolished ship. You won’t have a tree to start off with but there’s some resources found within ship along with your other resources on the island such as dirt and of course water. Looking outward there are additional islands which you could venture off to or even connect. Those islands is where you’ll need to explore for even more resources and all-in-all to ensure your survival. The source for this seed can be found right here.

Past Seeds
1.89 Seeds


What’s unique about this seed is that right from the spawn you’ll be right next to a jungle temple. Additionally, you’ll find that there is a pillager outpost nearby which could make for a great start in gathering items in your venture. For more information on the seed you can check out the source right here.


This is a seed  with several villages, a woodland mansion along with a stronghold listed. If you’re looking for a rich seed with plenty of places to explore and build up then this is a good option to run with. More info can be found in the source right here.


  • 341, -619
  • 420, -411
  • 661, -411
  • 725, -619


  • -600, 140

Woodland Mansion

  • 184, -4760


  • 1106, 898


This seed puts players next to a few goodies right away such as a few villages, a mineshaft, pyramid and even a pillager outpost. Needless to say, you’ll be able to acquire a ton of great resources quickly in your adventure but more information can be found within the source right here.


  • -176,0,96
  • -192,0,-288


  • -185,69,101

Desert Temple

  • -224,-,-144

Pillager Outpost

  • -448,0,-256


This seed features a big survival island with limited resources making it a challenge. However, you’ll find that scattered throughout the island is  buried treasure for you to discover. More info can be found in the source right here.

Buried Treasure

  • 264, 62, -55
  • 712, 59, -568
  • -1096, 60, -824
  • -248, 66, -55

Zombie Spawner

  • 638, 30, -24
  • 753, 41, -1193


  • 668, 28, -106
  • 219, 34, -523


Use a large map size and biome scale. You’ll find that this seed will have two woodland mansions and a village near spawn. Likewise, if you explore outwards you’ll come across ocean monuments, desert temples, a blacksmith village, and much more. Below are a few coordinates you will want to keep track of. If you’re wanting even more coordinates then check out the source right here.

Woodland Mansions

  • -230, 74, 107
  • -383, 71, -78


  • -251, 68, 246
  • -193, 76, 1156
  • -1355, 70, 690
  • 378, 72, -1292

Desert Temples

  • -934, 66, 810
  • -966, 66, 1098

Ocean Monuments

  • -1768, 62, 774
  • -1769, 62, 390
  • -2391, 62, -423


This is definitely a neat little seed as it comes with three villages that spawned along a river which means that there could be a good potential to bunker down and gather resources during survival modes or you can link the villages up and make a fortress. Check out the source to this seed right here.


  • 181,65, 756
  • 309,65,724
  • 53, 65,804


Here’s a seed that is just filled with villages and desert temples which could make for some great beginner survival runs or if you’re just looking to get creative with the several villages. Likewise, the villages are relatively near each other so you won’t have to venture too far off if you’re in need of a quick safe haven or even some resources. A full list of coordinates can be found right here.


  • X50 Y73 Z279
  • X-413 Y86 Z322
  • X-183 Y80 Z140
  • X-502 Y74 Z-148
  • X-495 Y77 Z-382

Desert Temples

  • X114 Y77 Z354
  • X-254 Y78 Z290
  • X-446 Y79 Z34
  • X-218 Y83 Z-404
1.39 Seeds


Load up on treasure with this insane seed, filled with over 200+ diamonds, 30+ emeralds, and two villages right where you spawn. Check out the complete list of coordinates right here, there’s way too much to fit into one entry. If you’re looking for a well-documented seed, this is a great place to start.


Want a fun survival map? Here’s a tiny grassy island with a connected water village. There’s a Blacksmith shop attached, so you’ll be able to start smelting right away. Beneath the island, you’ll find endless deep caverns to explore and loot to keep your village going strong.


Start right next to a Jungle Village and a Jungle Temple in this overgrown seed full of treasure and pumpkin patches. Here are just a few coordinates you’ll want to explore. Coordinates and seed shared by CraftyMinecraft on the Minecraft forums.

  • Ocean Monument: X:311 Y:62 Z:201
  • Abandoned Mineshaft: X:624 Y:40 Z:7
  • Minecart Chest: X:616 Y:40 Z:9, X:580 Y:27 Z:92
  • Pumpkin Patch: X:-85 Y:71 Z:432, X:-288 Y:66 Z:-404
  • Witch Hut: X:707 Y:66 Z:-278
  • Skeleton Mob Spawner: X:821 Y:64 Z:1119


Set your map size to Large and spawn right at a village, with lots of goodies in the surrounding areas. There are igloos with basements (with underground diamonds!), tiny towns with blacksmiths, libraries, an End Portal… basically plenty of everything. Here’s a shortlist of everything worth checking out:

  • Blacksmith / Desert Temple: X:599 Y:69 Z:-689
  • Village w/Blacksmith: X:753 Y:65 Z:516
  • Igloo w/basement: X:-171 Y:72 Z:1176
  • Igloo w/basement + 7 Diamonds: X:-174 Y:8 Z:1179
  • Mushroom Island: X:-103 Y:65 Z:-359
  • Witch Hut: X:1556 Y:67 Z:260, X:-668 Y:73 Z:-313
  • Pumpkin Patch: X:-389 Y:69 Z:-59, X:-365 Y:67 Z:736
  • End Portal: X:-950 Y:44 Z:-87
  • Stronghold Chests: X:-943 Y:45 Z:-89, X:-925 Y:43 Z:-81, X:-920 Y:36 Z:-102. X:-948 Y:43 Z:-105
  • Stronghold Libraries: X:-939 Y:42 Z:-112, X:-924 Y:42 Z:-105
  • Dirt Room w/2 Diamonds: X:-920 Y:12 Z:-54

Find even more locations here.


A compact Desert biome with three (3) Temples, (4) Villages all within 300 blocks. They’re hard to miss when they’re so close together, giving you plenty of early locations to stop and explore right when you start a new seed.


Set your map size to Classic to collect plenty of Diamons, get to an End Portal, fight through Zombie Dungeons and explore one of the new Igloos with an attached basement. You’ll spawn in a Taiga biome village, and everything else is at these coordinates:

  • Igloo w/Basement: X:-299 Y:292 Z:66
  • Mineshafts: X:-216 Y:156 Z:-391
  • Zombie Dungeons: X:-27 Y:-230 Z:55 / X:-65 Y:-165 Z:33
  • Stronghold w/End Portal: X:135 Y:64 Z:41
  • Diamonds: X:-78 Y:-125 Z:-140 / X:-117 Y:14 205 Z:-19 11
  • Minecart Chests: X:-152 Y:116 Z:25 / X:-230 Y:130 Z:29


Spawns you right next to a Mesa biome, and there’s an Ocean Monument just offshore. That’ll give you an early source of gold to loot.


Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. This seed features over 70+ diamonds with (relatively) close proximity to your spawn location. Here’s a short list of coordinates to help get you started. Coordinates and seed discovered by Youtuber Skrausy.

  • Diamonds Locations:
    • x: 179 y: 12 z: 274 (x8)
    • x: 168 y: 15 z: 281 (x2)
    • x: 184 y: 14 z: 240 (x2)
    • x: 176 y: 14 z: 223 (x4)
    • x: 130 y: 12 z: 248 (x8)
    • x: -412 y: 14 z: 376 (x1)
    • x: 91 y: 15 z: -22 (x6)
    • x: 389 y: 12 z: -217 (x3)
    • x: 261 y: 11 z: -313 (x6)
    • x: 106 y: 13 z: 240 (x5)
    • x: 147 y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
    • x: 137 y: 14 z: 73 (x4)
    • x: 64 y: 4 z: 69 (x3)
    • x: -3 y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
    • x: 22 y: 12 z: 249 (x8)


Enter the End quick with a portal (with silverfish spawner) at x:247 y:34 z:-68 — there’s also a Witch Hut at x:-973 y:61 z:1125. That’s a long trip from spawn, but still a worthwhile landmark.


Set the map size to Classic to enjoy a village at spawn, along with five more nearby villages in the area. Just a simple seed with everything a console MC player will need to get started safely. Easy access to a river next to the village and a desert biome, so there should be plenty of sugarcane to cultivate.

1.36 Seeds


This seed offers an island perfect for any survival mode playthrough. There’s lots of trees and even a village near the spawn point.


This seed will spawn you directly within a village. There are four nearby farms with wheat, carrots, potatoes and beetroot. Cows, trees, sheep, chickens, reeds and squid can also be found nearby for quick harvesting. Villagers can be found within a few hundred yards.


This seed contains an acasia village and four desert temples.


When you spawn, dig straight down and you’ll eventually arrive in a hollow cave. Keep digging until you find yet another cave beneath the earth. Don’t dig down any further. Instead, explore the cave and you’ll find redstone, lapis lazuli and iron ore. There are exposed diamonds within, as well.

1.35 Seeds


This seed offers lots of land for building larger structures into and around its environment. It features a lot of mountains with flat tops and flatlands in general. The seed also contains many islands that are interconnected as well as individual islands set farther apart. The stronghold near the spawn contains a lot of mineshafts, ravines, and even a few villages.


This seed contains very large biomes, an underwater stronghold and even a flooded village. You’ll want to move around quite a bit on this world because everything’s spread out. It’s a fantastic seed if you’re looking for a challenge.

Best Minecraft Seed Ever

Like the name suggests, this seed features a beautiful view on top of mountains near the spawn and you have plenty of resources to pick from. The biomes nearby include desert, jungle, and plenty of lots of trees. There’s even a swamp.

1.26 Seeds


This seed will spawn you on a tiny island. Walk around the edge of the island and wait for the chunks to load. Once they do, you’ll notice the monument—it should be on the opposite end of wherever the sugar cane growth happens to be.


Here’s a particularly odd seed, in that it has a bunch of different biomes grouped closely together and a snow biome surrounding a jungle biome. There’s also an almost perfectly shaped hole that resembles a crater, and villagers who live inside of caves. Expect random holes in the ground and a lot of animal spawns.


This seed contains a village with a blacksmith close to the spawn. There are four other nearby villages to visit.


A great seed with a village and water temple close to the spawn. Locations are as follows:

X:325 Y:70 Z:374
Water temple
X:39 Y:63 Z:-296

1.23 Seeds

villageruin (-198441644)
This seed starts with only a single village and a blacksmith at the spawn area, but is surrounded by forest biomes. Taiga, mega, roofed forest and birch are all present. The blacksmith is located by an incredible plateau.

bigworldcivilization (-1278732637)
This seed is surrounded by savanna, roofed forest, and birch forest biomes. It contains three villages and 3 blacksmiths at the starting spawn.

A rather watery biome, the spawn offers two ocean monuments and is littered with islands.

Fancy a trek into a jungle temple? Then this seed is for you. The spawn offers a jungle plains hybrid biome with 2 villages, where you can find a blacksmith, church, and libraries. There’s a lot of savanna, roofed forest, and taiga.

This watery world has two islands at its spawn. On the eastern island, you’ll find a combination of mesa and mooshroom biome. The other island is full of taiga, including mega, and some cold plains.

A more terrestrial seed than most of the others on this list, players can find large landmasses separated by rivers and rolling hills. There lies an ocean with a monument towards the northeastern direction from the spawn, and a witch’s hut by the northwest.

1.18 Seeds

For all the newly added seeds on this list, we recommend starting the world size in Classic.

Seed: -1117816657125390683

This seed has been around since TU19, but like many other seeds on this list, it works on the latest version of the game. There are villages, temples, witch huts, dungeons, and a ton of diamonds on this one (source: MinecraftForums) .

Villages (* indicates blacksmith chest)

X:-321, Z:138*

X:-205, Z:1343

X:-2528, Z:1570* (This village is comically small)

X:-2231, Z:1134*

X:1263, Z:1635

Desert Temples

X:-406, Z:298 (2x Diamond horse armor, 6x Diamonds, 3x Emeralds, 3x Iron, 2x Gold)

X:-294, Z:1146 (1x Diamond horse armor, 1x Iron horse armor.)

X:-2357, Z:1562 (1x Gold horse armor)

X:331, Z-198 (Found by Nemocidal)

Jungle Temples

X:89, Z:1398 (x1 Protection III, x2 Diamonds)

X:-1385, Z:2214 (x11 Gold ingots)

X: -2394, Z:2152 (x1 Fortune I, x3 diamonds, x1 saddle)

X:-953, Z:693 (x2 saddles)

X:-489, Z:773 (x3 Emeralds, x5 Gold)

X:145, Z:22 (Found by Nemocidal)

Witch Huts

X:-895, Z:2102

X:-1821, Z:51

X;-428, Z:-1202

Library: X:-484, Y:35, Z:-1202 (Found by Nemocidal)

The End Portal: X: -444, Y:28, Z:-864 (Found By MsLilMeow)

Spider Dungeons

X:-151, Y:56, Z:198 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x1 Projectile Protection IV)

X-382 Y:57 Z:1167 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x2 Saddles)

Zombie Dungeons

X:-235, Y:41, Z:148 (x2 Saddles, x1 Name Tag)

X:-355, Y:13, Z:125 (x1 Saddle)

X:-338, Y:57, Z:100 (x1 Saddle)

X:2438 Y:57 Z:-1506 (x2 music discs)

X:-408 Y:56 Z:953 (x1 Iron Horse Armor)

X:16 Y:58: Z:282 (x2 Name Tags, x2 Saddles)

Skeleton Dungeons

X;-248, Y:24, Z:328 (x1 Gold horse armor, x1 Iron horse armor, x1 Name tag)


X:573 Y:43 Z:-614

Diamonds (100+)

X;-387 Y:12 Z:88 (6)

X:-471 Y:13 Z:84 (4)

X:-606 Y:10 Z:86 (6)

X:-666 Y:12 Z:71 (4)

X: 221 Y:17 Z:272 (2)

X:-288 Y:12 Z:122 (4)

X:-232 Y:11 Z:317 (5)

X:-170 Y:14 Z:188 (4)

X:-369 Y:7 Z:139 (5)

X:-405 Y:7 Z:133 (6)

X:-319 Y:5 Z:117 (6)

X:-355 Y:7 Z:126 (6)

X:-333 Y:6 Z:125 (8)

X:-343 Y:8 Z:127 (3)

X:-68 Y:13 Z:224 (5)

X:261 Y:12 Z:-1045 (5)

X:239 Y:12 Z:-1089 (3)

X:221 Y:12 Z:-1093 (5)

X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)

X:580 Y:12 Z:-603 (5)

X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)

X:1540 Y:13 Z:863 (5)

X:1558 Y:13 Z:-881 (2)

Seed: 671954723

This seed is loaded with a ton of diamonds and NPC villages so you’ll always have something to do.

Diamond Spot # 1: X: -96 Y: 12 Z: 178

Diamond Spot # 2: X: -77 Y: 13 Z: 209

Diamond Spot # 3: X: -139 Y: 14 Z: 48

Diamond Spot # 4: X: -198 Y: 15 Z: 46

Diamond Spot # 5: X: -198 Y: 14 Z: -142

Diamond Spot # 6: X: -126 Y: 14 Z: -250

Diamond Spot # 7: X: -116 Y: 14 Z: -76

Diamond Spot # 8: X: -62 Y: 14 Z: -94

NPC Village #1 X: 296 Y: 72 Z: 309

NPC Village #2 X: -276 Y: 73 Z: -173

NPC Village #3 X: 121 Y: 71 Z: 73

NPC Village #4 X: 346 Y: 70 Z: 102

End Portal: X: 102 Y: 26 Z: 42

Library: X: 158 Y: 37 Z: 13

Library: X: 142 Y: 35 Z:-9

Mineshaft: X: -291 Y: 39 Z: 307

Sand Temple: X:-403 Y: 69 Z: 11

Mob Spawner: X: -203 Y: 14 Z: -97

Seed: 89804430532978560

This particular seed is absolutely empty of trees, with very little landmass in the form of islands. An interesting map if you’re playing in Survival mode.

Seed: Theycallmediamonds29

This seed spawns the player in a location with 4 villages, a desert and jungle temple, a witch hut, a stronghold library, and endroom. There are tons of diamonds within this seed at the following coordinates:

381, 12, 339 (4)

381, 13, 347 (6)

163, 4, 62 (4)

163, 12, 218 (8)

149, 13, 109 (4)

144, 14, 162 (4)

159, 9, 96 (5)

159, 8, 178 (4)

159, 8, 194 (5)

141, 8, 102 (4)

142, 10, 122 (8)

160, 4, 75 (2)

-154, 12, 130 (6)

-45, 15, 26 (4)

-110, 13, 114, (4)

-124, 12, 74 (6)

-125, 12, 45 (6)

-132, 14, 111 (10)

111, 4, 163 (4)

6, 7, 223 (6)

Previous seeds

Seed: -8552911835434547704

This Minecraft seed spawns players in a ravine that contains a lot of coal and some iron. There’s a little village by the spawn and a temple containing diamond horse armor and  a lot of gems.

Seed: -4344622374139120669

This seed contains three temples and a desert village alongside a whole bunch of diamonds. Here are the coordinates you’ll need to get to their locations:

Jungle Temple: X: 137 Y: 79 Z: -203

Desert Temple: X: 298 Y: 75 Z: -262

Jungle Temple X: -858 Y: 90 Z: -1433

Seed: -7447279659038168196

This seed gives you a bunch of emeralds at the beginning and a vilage with a saddle to tame a horse right at the very start.

Seed: -590576960

This seed contains 4 golden apples, a triple spawner (11 total mob spawners), and diamonds at the spawn.


-151; 68; 86

9; 67; 96


1; 60; 48 Spider

211; 61; -126 Skeleton

3; 23; -367 Zombie

0; 17; -367 Zombie

-6; 18; -371 Spider

381; 41; 379 Zombie

400; 41; 367 Zombie:

-177; 49; 207 spider

-33; 29; -106

Stronghold: 15; 34; 38

Nether Chest:

65; 58; 59: 1 diamond, 1 golden horse armor

30; 51; 87: 2 iron ingots, 1 saddle, 1 golden sword

85; 51; 89: 3 golden ingots, 1 saddle, 1 golden horse armor

30; 51; 104: 2 diamonds, 1 diamond horse armor, 1 saddle, 2 golden ingots

15; 58; 54: 2 saddles, 1 golden

Older seeds

Seed: 1480205470

You spawn in a desert close to two mob spawners. The landscape consists of steep hills you can craft your buildings into. There is also a village nearby with a blacksmith. 

Seed: 5846359029418317794

This seed offers a host of temples and villages near its spawn. 

Seed: -1460420969

There is a nearby village, close to the spawn for you to spend your early nights in safe from harm. The seed is particularly popular because it’s rich with diamonds in the nearby hills.

Seed: -8100593880228775311

This seed spawns you in a snow biome and is full of temples and villages. 

Seed: -2275862256409413890

This seed spawns you close to emeralds, mob spawners, and much more. 

Seed: -7492801512473941435

You’ll spawn very close to a village. If you cross the ocean at the spawn you’ll encounter a mushroom biome filled with mooshrooms. There is also a temple within a village nearby.

Seed: -5825474964779901595 

This seed starts you next to a well developed village at the foot of a mountain formation leading to a canyon. There are plenty of caves to explore.

Seed: 1985806082

This seed spawns you right next to a village that’s only a short distance away from a sand temple. If you deactivate the TNT at the bottom and dig out you’ll find a massive underground cavern with ore.