Best Minecraft PS4 Seeds

Older seeds

Seed: 1480205470

You spawn in a desert close to two mob spawners. The landscape consists of steep hills you can craft your buildings into. There is also a village nearby with a blacksmith. 

Seed: 5846359029418317794

This seed offers a host of temples and villages near its spawn. 

Seed: -1460420969

There is a nearby village, close to the spawn for you to spend your early nights in safe from harm. The seed is particularly popular because it’s rich with diamonds in the nearby hills.

Seed: -8100593880228775311

This seed spawns you in a snow biome and is full of temples and villages. 

Seed: -2275862256409413890

This seed spawns you close to emeralds, mob spawners, and much more. 

Seed: -7492801512473941435

You’ll spawn very close to a village. If you cross the ocean at the spawn you’ll encounter a mushroom biome filled with mooshrooms. There is also a temple within a village nearby.

Seed: -5825474964779901595 

This seed starts you next to a well developed village at the foot of a mountain formation leading to a canyon. There are plenty of caves to explore.

Seed: 1985806082

This seed spawns you right next to a village that’s only a short distance away from a sand temple. If you deactivate the TNT at the bottom and dig out you’ll find a massive underground cavern with ore.