Best Minecraft PS4 Seeds


Use a large map size and biome scale. You’ll find that this seed will have two woodland mansions and a village near spawn. Likewise, if you explore outwards you’ll come across ocean monuments, desert temples, a blacksmith village, and much more. Below are a few coordinates you will want to keep track of. If you’re wanting even more coordinates then check out the source right here.

Woodland Mansions

  • -230, 74, 107
  • -383, 71, -78


  • -251, 68, 246
  • -193, 76, 1156
  • -1355, 70, 690
  • 378, 72, -1292

Desert Temples

  • -934, 66, 810
  • -966, 66, 1098

Ocean Monuments

  • -1768, 62, 774
  • -1769, 62, 390
  • -2391, 62, -423


This is definitely a neat little seed as it comes with three villages that spawned along a river which means that there could be a good potential to bunker down and gather resources during survival modes or you can link the villages up and make a fortress. Check out the source to this seed right here.


  • 181,65, 756
  • 309,65,724
  • 53, 65,804


Here’s a seed that is just filled with villages and desert temples which could make for some great beginner survival runs or if you’re just looking to get creative with the several villages. Likewise, the villages are relatively near each other so you won’t have to venture too far off if you’re in need of a quick safe haven or even some resources. A full list of coordinates can be found right here.


  • X50 Y73 Z279
  • X-413 Y86 Z322
  • X-183 Y80 Z140
  • X-502 Y74 Z-148
  • X-495 Y77 Z-382

Desert Temples

  • X114 Y77 Z354
  • X-254 Y78 Z290
  • X-446 Y79 Z34
  • X-218 Y83 Z-404
1.39 Seeds


Load up on treasure with this insane seed, filled with over 200+ diamonds, 30+ emeralds, and two villages right where you spawn. Check out the complete list of coordinates right here, there’s way too much to fit into one entry. If you’re looking for a well-documented seed, this is a great place to start.


Want a fun survival map? Here’s a tiny grassy island with a connected water village. There’s a Blacksmith shop attached, so you’ll be able to start smelting right away. Beneath the island, you’ll find endless deep caverns to explore and loot to keep your village going strong.


Start right next to a Jungle Village and a Jungle Temple in this overgrown seed full of treasure and pumpkin patches. Here are just a few coordinates you’ll want to explore. Coordinates and seed shared by CraftyMinecraft on the Minecraft forums.

  • Ocean Monument: X:311 Y:62 Z:201
  • Abandoned Mineshaft: X:624 Y:40 Z:7
  • Minecart Chest: X:616 Y:40 Z:9, X:580 Y:27 Z:92
  • Pumpkin Patch: X:-85 Y:71 Z:432, X:-288 Y:66 Z:-404
  • Witch Hut: X:707 Y:66 Z:-278
  • Skeleton Mob Spawner: X:821 Y:64 Z:1119