Destiny 2: Inverted Spire Strike | Strike Guide

Destiny 2 has officially released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. PC gamers will have to wait just a little bit longer before they can get their hands on a copy.

With the game officially out, you will have a ton of content to go through not only in the main campaign but the various Strikes and Raids. Not to mention the new expansions and updates that Bungie will be throwing out your way.

One of the available Strikes within the game is the Inverted Spire Strike. If you need a hand on how to complete the Strike then take a look at our guide down below!

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Investigate The Cabal

At the start of the Inverted Spire Strike, players are given the task of investigating the Cabal. This will require players to continue down the path where you’ll eventually met a group of Vex who will be taking on the Cabal forces.

Once the battle has ended players can activate the small tower through the use of their Ghost. This will trigger a few pillars to spawn within the air. Use the pillars as a pathway to continue through the portal.

This portal jump will take players to a fight against three Legionaries and Psion. You’ll need to take out these enemies followed by going through the next available portal in which you’ll continue on the pathway leading through a cave.

Progressing through the cave you’ll eventually reach an opening where once again, Vex will be fighting with Cabal. Fight off all the enemies and make way to the ball with Incendiors surrounding it. Destroy the Incendiors which will trigger the ball to turn into a portal that will take you to an area where you’ll find more Vex.

After the enemies have been defeated, players will follow the lit pathway leading to a dig site with Gladiator enemies. You’ll need to defeat the Gladiators and continue down the platforms until you reach the dig site that hosts another Vex and Cabal fight but with Warbeasts that will roam the area.

You will now need to take out the dig site Security Officers which will be in their huts. After you have taken out the Security Officers, players will get to board the Cabal Drill though to get there you’ll have to interact with the levers located by the of your immediate area.

Now on the drill, you’ll have to fight against more Cabal and then drop to the platform below. Again, as suspected, more Cabal will be waiting for you to fight. After this group is defeated you can scan the middle structure to set a countdown.

This countdown will activate a wave of enemies to fight against though once the countdown has reached zero you can go through the gravity lift. There will be more Cabal waiting to fight, but you will only have to focus on the Cabal within your platform as afterwards you can drop down to the platform on your left.

Progressing forward you’ll eventually reach the Dig Site and while there will be more Cabal to fight, the real threat is the drill that has multiple arms to avoid by doding. Go around the dig site until you reach a tunnel that will take players to an arena.

At the arena, players will be fighting against Protehon. Modular Mind Boss who will be able to spawn at different areas of the field. Aim for its head and keep moving until the bottom of the floor drops taking you both to a floating platform.

The same strategy applies, though you will have to fight against Goblins as well. During the fight you’ll find that the floor will turn red which will trigger damage to everything standing on it. To avoid being hit you should make your way on top of a platform until the floor is no longer red.

Once you have defeated Protheon. Modular Mind the Inverted Spire Strike will officially end.

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