Destiny 2: Sunbreaker Breakdown | Class Guide

Destiny 2 has officially released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. PC gamers will have to wait just a little bit longer before they can get their hands on a copy.

With the game officially out, you may be curious as to the various classes available in the Destiny sequel. With the various classes available, we’ll give a quick breakdown as to what sets them apart. Likewise, take a look at our other Destiny 2 featured guides below!

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  • Titan Subclass

Super Ability
  • Hammer of Sol

    • Toss flaming hammers at enemies dealing incredible amount of damage.

  • Incendiary Grenade
    • Catch enemies on fire causing a limited amount of damage time.
  • Thermite Grenade

    • Sends a burning line of fire.
  • Fusion Grenade

    • Sticky grenade that can attach to a target prior to explosion.

Special Abilities
  • Towering Barricade
    • A defensive barrier to prevent enemy harm for a period of time.
  • Rally Barricade
    • A defensive barricade that allows players to peek around and fire towards your enemy targets.
  • Increased Height
    • Upgrades the Lift to a greater height.
  • Increased Control
    • Upgrade the Lift to allow more directional control in air.
  • Catapult
    • Upgrades Lift to allow a stronger jump burst.

  • Hammer Strike

    • Melee hit that will weaken enemies. Must be used while sprinting.
  • Tempered Metal

    • Solar ability kills will offer increase movement and reload speed.
  • Battle-Forge
    • Hammer of Sol kills will explode.
  • Mortar Blast
    • Release a Solar explosion that will cause enemies to burst into flames.
  • Sun Warrior
    • Restore health and grenade/melee kills will leave a Sunspot.
  • Rings of Fire

    • Solar abilities will recharge faster and Super will last longer when you stand in a Sunspot.
  • Solar Siege
    • Precision hits with the Golden Gun will increase damage and duration.
  • Solar Siege
    • Hammers will create a Sunspot on impact.


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