Destiny 2: How To Defeat Hive Prince Ubara | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle Hive Prince Ubara who will appear in the mission Hope.


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Before we get into the fight, it’s important to take note of the battles you’ll have to endure right before Hive Prince Ubara shows up. You’ll end up fighting against Acolytes and a Knight, in which right after, the Hive Prince Ubara will be summoned with eight additional Acolytes.

  • Note: Take advantage of the roof platforms when battling Hive Prince Ubara.
  • Note: Make it a priority to destroy the Acolytes that are summoned with Prince Ubara. There will be a total of eight.

At the start of the boss battle, it would be recommended that you make your way to the upper rooftop platform and destroy the Acolytes. Once you have taken down the Acolytes, use a Super and grenades to destroy Hive Prince Ubara who will have about three times the amount of health compared to a normal Knight.

  • Note: Hive Prince Ubara has one attack which is a wave of red blades. Keep an eye on the attack and dodge it or take immediate cover.

Having the slight height advantage will also help when lobbing down grenades at the boss and dodging attacks.

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