Destiny 2: How To Defeat Fallen Captain Jaliks | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle Fallen Captain Jaliks who will appear in the mission Six.


Destiny 2 Boss Guides Table of Contents

Phase 1

There are really two main sections when it comes to the fight against the Fallen Captain Jaliks. This battle will take place in an old lake area where players will come across the remains of Exodus Black. Once the boss, Fallen Captain Jaliks appears, it’s best that you attempt to reach the Exodus Black platform entrance to take on the initial battle.

  • Note: Dregs and Shanks will be present during the fight.

This has the benefit of being above ground when fighting against the boss and a decent protection area to keep away from his attack. With that said, players can still opt to stay on the ground and use the rocks and debris for cover.

Armed with a Shrapnel Launcher, your main focus should be attacking Fallen Captain Jaliks until a third of his health has been removed. This will trigger the boss to flee to a Fallen base.

Phase 2

The second section of the boss fight is significantly more chaotic so you’ll definitely want to take things slowly otherwise you’re likely to get killed quickly.

Players will take note that Fallen Captain Jaliks will tend to move to two different platform positions. However, you’re going to focus on the other threats in the area first which are Shanks, Vandals, and Dregs.

  • Note: There will be Vandal snipers on high crates.

Go slow and take out the various threats from afar and conserve ammo. Essentially, make your shots count before progressing in an all ground assault. While staying around the base platform, you’ll want to fire at Fallen Captain Jaliks and make him head down the ramp and onto the road where you can toss grenades and a Super ability which should do the job.

As mentioned, take things slow as rushing into the fight with the amount of Vandals, Shanks, Dregs, and Fallen Captain Jaliks could lead to wasting ammo or being killed off rather quickly.

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