Destiny 2: How to Beat Dominus Ghaul | Final Boss Guide

The last battle of Destiny 2 pits your Guardian against the vile Dominus Ghaul, a truly massive Cabal mastermind with a flying suit of armor and the power of the corrupted Traveller at his side. He doesn’t just unleash a small army of Cabal soldiers to stomp your solo Guardian into submission — he’ll also harness the Traveler, unleashing Void, Arc and Solar elemental abilities.

Dominus Ghaul doesn’t play fair, but you won’t need to save your Super Ability for the final encounter. Though, it does help to bring long-range weaponry. Shotguns are great, but Rocket Launchers are better for this battle. Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles — anything that can laydown lots of hurt without putting your Guardian in close proximity with Dominus Ghaul is a good idea. You may also want to select a subclass with a Super that doesn’t necessarily require melee range combat. The big guy loves flying around, even if he does land long enough for your Guardian to stab him.

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How to Beat Dominus Ghaul | Final Boss Guide


NOTE: Dominus Ghaul appears at the end of Campaign Mission 16: Chosen.

  • Recommended Power Level: 180
    • The official recommendation is PL 190, but you’ll be fine around 180.

Dominus Ghaul is a massive Cabal General that fires explosive projectiles from his handcannon while on the ground. When he flies into the air, he’ll unleash one of three types of attacks — Solar, Void, or Arc. Depending on the phase of the fight, Dominus Ghaul will always use a specific sort of attack.

The arena feature swarms of Cabal Soldiers — you won’t have to deal with additional Elite or tough enemies. The rest are Psions, Legionnaires, and other basic Cabal soldiers. Always thin the herd while fighting and use the reinforcements to stock up on ammo.

There are two narrow passages in the back left / right corners of the arena, and a hangar-like chamber underneath the darkness font that Ghaul temporarily retreats to between boss phases. These tunnels and under-areas are safe from Dominus Ghaul, and only regular-sized Cabal troops can follow you here. Use these under-areas to hide and recharge your health meter.

  • Dominus Ghaul – Basic Battle Tips
    • Use the tunnels in the back left / back right corners of the arena to heal.
    • Between phases, Ghaul will become immune, retreat into the corrupted light, and return with a new elemental ability.
    • Save your power ammo for the very end of the fight.
    • Stay away. His foot-stomp when dropping from the sky is extremely deadly.
    • Bring weapons that are effective at medium/long range, and can kill enemies quickly.
    • Use the respawning circles of light to recharge your Super Abilities.
    • Ghaul stays in the sky for most of the fight.

You get a checkpoint after each phase of the battle. If you die, you’ll respawn at the start of the phase — you won’t have to replay the entire fight if you die.

Phase 1:

The first phase is the most basic. Dominus Ghaul will trundle around, shooting explosive projectiles while moving slowly. Weave around his army, and shoot him in the head. That big exposed head is his weak point.

Use weapons with good range and don’t approach when his first quarter of health is depleted. He’ll retreat to his platform and bath in corrupted light. He’ll be immune, so don’t waste ammo until he’s back in the fight.

Phase 2: 

Dominus Ghaul now wields the power of Solar. When he flies into the air, he’ll toss flaming swords. A simple hop to the left or right is enough to dodge the explosive blast, but try to avoid double-jumps unless you’ve got a good dodge.

Columns of Traveler’s Light will appear in the back corners of the arena, near where you first entered. Step into the bright light to recharge your Supers and Abilities instantly. The light will return periodically, so there’s no reason to save it. Use your Supers early and often.

Phase 3 & 4:

When you do enough damage to Ghaul, he’ll retreat back into the light a third time, unlocking the Void and Arc abilities. He’ll roll these two Supers out as he continues to retreat into the corrupted light.

At the end of the fight, when his health is extremely low, Ghaul will randomly swap to all three Supers, swapping between them at random. He’s also much, much tougher. Save a Rocket Launcher will plenty of Power Ammo for this part, or unleash your Supers to finish him off. Five or six rockets to the face should end the battle pretty definitively.

Bring down Ghaul for good and the Traveler is saved. Heck, the whole galaxy is saved. You’ll take a return trip to The Tower — don’t forget to talk to everyone and collect all your rewards before continuing the adventure. 

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