Destiny 2: Legendary “Loot Cave” Engram Farming | 260+ PL Guide

The “Loot Cave” was kind of a big deal in Destiny 1, back when players were so desperate for gear and guns, shooting into a cave for hours was the best way to get the loot we craved. That isn’t try in Destiny 2 — you’ll get lots of awesome gear as you play, but if you’re on the fast-track to Power Level 260, you’ll want to grab lots of Legendary Engrams.

This awesome little Legendary Engram farming method was originally detailed by Youtuber PS4Trophies. To take advantage, you’ll need to travel to Nessus, the third zone in Destiny 2, and clear out a large cave of enemies. Following the instructions below, you’ll easily be able to earn 60~ Nessus Tokens per hour. Once you collect Nessus Tokens, you can turn them in at Failsafe. Every time you level up with Failsafe, you’ll earn a Legendary Engram. Not a bad trade.

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Legendary Engram Farming Guide | Nessus Tokens

After completing the Campaign quests on Nessus, you’ll be able to interact with the Failsafe AI on Nessus, inside the Exodus Black interior. You can turn in Nessus Tokens to the Failsafe — every time you level up with Failsafe, you’ll earn a free Legendary Engram.


That’s the essential information. What makes this a “Loot Cave” is how you’ll go about earning those precious Nessus Tokens. We’ll be farming the same chest, over and over, to earn an endless amount of Nessus Tokens. Basically, you can earn one Nessus Token per minute.

  1. Go to the Nessus: Exodus Black caverns. Underground, there’s a small cave that always contains one loot chest and a blue portal that leads to the Chamber of Sky.
    • From the Exodus Black landing zone, fly north and look right to find a cave entrance on the border of the Chamber of Sky on your map.
  2. When you’re inside the cavern, locate the loot chest. It will appear in one of several random locations around and below the blue portal to the Chamber of Sky.
    • It is random, but the chest will always spawn down here. Clear the area and find the chest.
  3. After locating the chest, we’re going to take advantage of a quirk in the loot system. When you open a loot chest, it will stay open for exactly 60 seconds before disappearing.
    • But, if you open a chest, leave an area and return in less than 60 seconds, the chest will reset and remain in the exact same spot you left it.
  4. Here’s how to start farming. Open the loot chest, then sprint and jump into the blue portal. Run into the area until the “Chamber of Sky” area title appears on your screen.
    • After transitioning area, quickly zip back through the blue portal.
  5. When you’re back in Exodus Black, find the chest in the same spot you left it — if you can run out and back within 60 seconds.
  6. Rinse and repeat. You’ll earn 1 Nessus Token in less than a minute, and you can repeat endlessly.

With the Nessus Tokens in your palms, just return to Failsafe and start leveling up. Every time you rank up by turning in tokens, you’ll get a free Legendary Engram as a prize. This is a super easy way to grind up to Power Level 260, if you’re looking for a fast and mindless path to 260 in preparation for those Nightfalls and Raids.

  • Nessus Token Farming – Quick Guide:
    1. Go to the Exodus Dark / Chamber of Sky blue portal cavern.
    2. Find the loot chest in the Exodus Dark cave.
      • After opening the chest, you have 60 seconds to leave the area and come back.
    3. Open the chest and leave through the blue portal and enter Chamber of Sky.
      • Make sure the title appears.
    4. Leave and return to Exodus Dark through the portal.
    5. Collect the loot chest again. It will be on the same spot, refreshed.
    6. Rinse and repeat.

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