Destiny 2: How To Unlock Flashpoints | “In A Flash” Trophy Guide

Cayde-6 doesn’t mess around when it comes to Destiny 2 missions. After reuniting the original fireteam at The Farm, these three Guardians will share three new activities with the player — challenges, patrols, and strikes. Here, we’re going to focus on Patrols. You can’t miss them, but they won’t be available until after you’ve completed the Io zone.

What’s so great about Patrols? They’re how you can (eventually) unlock Flashpoints! All you have do is complete Cayde-6’s “Patrols” mission, finish a bunch of actual Patrols, then complete Public Events. There’s a little more to it than that, but when it’s all over you’ll unlock Flashpoints and earn the “In A Flash” achievement / trophy for your troubles.

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How To Unlock Flashpoints | “In A Flash” Trophy Guide

To earn the “In A Flash” trophy, you’ll need to complete a whole bunch of tasks for Cayde-6, the resident Hunter and jokester of The Farm (and later, The Tower) — you’ll have to complete his special Patrols to finally get access to Flashpoints. It’s a long process, so here’s how it works.

  1. After completing Campaign: Fury on Io, all three of the original Fireteam will be reunited in The Farm. You’ll talk to Hawthorne, then get the opportunity to talk to the three Fireteam members.
  2. Talk to the three Fireteam members to unlock; Strikes, Patrols, and Challenges. Talk to Cayde-6 in the barn to unlock a special “Patrols” quest in the EDZ.
    • If you wait to talk to Cayde-6, he can be found in the Hangar area of The Tower.
  3. Travel to Earth – EDZ and complete the “Patrols” quest. Look for a blue waypoint marker in Firebase Hades.
  4. Once you complete “Patrols”, you’ll next need to complete more actual Patrol mini-quests. Travel to the Trostland area of the EDZ and scan with your ghost to find lots of Patrols. Complete 3 of these.
  5. Return to Cayde-6 and you’ll get the “Flashpoint” quest. You’ll need to complete 6 Public Events, or 4 Heroic Public Events. These events are found on every planet — from The Director, look for the black icons with ticking-down meters.
  6. Turn in the “Flashpoint” quest to earn your reward and unlock Flashpoints.

And that’s it! This is a pretty easy-to-overlook quest chain if you’re rushing through the game. For your troubles, you’ll earn the “In A Flash” achievement / trophy.

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