Destiny 2: How To Defeat Skriviks | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle Skriviks, The Sharped-Eyed which is the first boss you’ll come across and featured in the Spark mission.


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You’ll come across Skriviks, The Sharped-Eyed during the Spark mission. The boss will appear at the end of the mission in an area with swarms of Dregs and Wretches which we highly recommend clearing those out of the area before you take on Skriviks. Likewise, with the area cleared of the swarm of enemies, you’ll have more of an area to roam and use as cover during the battle.

  • Note: The columns that are lit up will recharge your grenades and Super ability.

Defeating Skriviks is actually extremely easy as he moves slow and uses his gun Shrapnel Launcher to mostly deal damage. Because of this, you should move around often and stay behind boulders to avoid taking damage, popping out to unleash firepower onto the boss in spurts.

While Skrviks moves slowly, the boss does have an AoE if you get too close which will deal some major damage. Of course, if you’re quick and want to use a Super, players can drastically lower Skriviks health quickly.

All-in-all, the battle doesn’t require very much strategy, if you keep in mind the area to take cover and stay mobile, defeating the boss will be incredibly easy.

However, if you have failed to clear the area from the swarms of Dregs and Wretches then you’ll have a harder time staying mobile and keeping cover during the battle.

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