Destiny 2: How To Defeat Modular Sigma | Boss Guide

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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle Modular Sigma who appears in the mission Fury.


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The Modular Sigma battle is basically two boss battles in one. Players need to defeat Modular Upsilon but the real struggle in this fight will be fighting against Modular Sigma. This fight shouldn’t be too much of a struggle, but there are a few aspects to take note of.

For instance, Modular Sigma will be able to repair Modular Upsilon’s damage so instead of trying to defeat Modular Upsilon first, take care of Modular Sigma.

  • Note: Modular Sigma has Taken available to use during the fight.
  • Note: Modular Sigma can repair Modular Upsilon. Defeat Modular Sigma before focusing on Modular Upsilon.

This battle will likely require players taking cover for reloads or recharges, otherwise, the fight can be done in a variety of play styles. As you take down Modular Sigma, there will be a slew of Taken ready to fight and it’s because of this that we suggest taking cover when you reload.

If possible, toss in a grenade over to the Taken and Modular Sigma since this will help shave down the health of the boss quite a bit.

Once Modular Sigma is down for the count, players can freely attack Modular Upsilon and perform their Super ability without fearing it’s been wasted due to Modular Sigma repairing the boss.

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