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Destiny 2 is officially out and while gamers are going through the various quests and Strikes, you may find yourself a bit hung up on how to defeat a boss or two. In this particular guide, we’ll showcase how to defeat the Boss Hobgoblin who appears in The¬†Pyramidion¬†Strike.

Being a Strike, defeating this boss will be quite a bit easier if you have a team of at least three players as you’ll find that at certain points within the boss battle, a teammate may be useful to clear out the swarm of Overcharge Shanks that appear. At any rate, here’s a quick run down on how to defeat the Boss Hobgoblin.

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Boss Walkthrough

After you have gone through the warpgate and found yourself at another altar chamber with bottomless drops, your team will be facing against the boss which is the Boss Hobgoblin, the genesis mind of the Pyramidion.

  • Note: The Boss Hobgoblin will appear at the edge of this arena and can retreat to a raised perimeter.

Stick together and fire at the bosses weak spot which is his head. Fire everything you got while also tossing sticky grenades if you have them. You’ll know that he’s taken a significant amount of damage as he’ll retreat and raise up a white shield.

When the Boss Hobgoblin raises his shield then that will trigger a swarm of Goblins to be summoned. Take out the Goblins and then stand on the altar circle which will weaken the Boss Hobgoblins white shield.

After a brief amount of time another swarm of Goblins will be unleashed, again, take care of these enemies followed by moving to the second altar circle in order to bring down the Boss Hobgoblin shield.

This time around it’s best to keep your distance and use ranged weapons to take out the enemy until the Boss Hobgoblin reveals a read head slit which will offer players a chance to deal a massive amount of damage.

  • Note: When the red starts to glow, strafe to the side as the Boss Hobgoblin will fire his rifle.

Repeat this entire process until the Boss Hobgoblin loses a third of this health. At this point, players should take cover as the boss will rampage through the arena. Afterwards, fire at his head or use a Super, but don’t go overboard with the Super ability as the boss can teleport meaning you may waste the Super before being able to land it effectively.

  • Note: The Boss Hobgoblin will add a new attack around this point which will be tossing out purple flames that will ignite the area around you. Hop out of the way when this happens.

At just one-third of his health available, players will find that the Boss Hobgoblin will summon Harpies, Goblins, and Fanatics to help him in the fight.

Take down the lesser enemies before dealing with the Boss Hobgoblin which shouldn’t take much more before his chest will open up with a white glow. When this happens, aim at the chest and continue to fire at it until the boss is finally defeated.

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