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In this guide, we’ll offer some useful tips when you battle Acanthos, The Gate Lord. This boss will appear in the Glade of Echoes.


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Taking on the Acanthos, The Gate Lord boss is relatively easy but can be chaotic. The boss fight will take place in a larger battle between Vex and the Fallen. As a result, Acanthos will be focusing on a wide range of enemies other than just yourself.

  • Note: Take out enemies around your area if you plan to face the boss from a distance.

Overall, the Acanthos boss is slow and doesn’t dodge attacks which mean you can fire at it from a distance and rank in the hit points with no issue. This method may take some time however and as a result, Acanthos will start to pay more attention to you rather than the other enemies firing at it.

  • Note: Acanthos will fire a purple wave attack which can be dodged. Be mindful of the attack against you during the battle since you’ll want to be agile if the boss fires your way.

Don’t fret too much as the boss can start to take an interest to the Fallen enemies that are battling it. You may want to even use this as an opportunity to get close and perform a Super ability. Regardless, you’re going to be surrounded by enemies so this attack option may prove to be more problematic than useful.

If you wish to play it safe, fire at Acanthos from a greater distance and wait until he starts to pay attention to killing off the Fallen enemies before you start your next burst of attacks. Again, this may take some time, but if you persistent, Acanthos, The Great Lord will eventually be defeated.

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