Destiny 2: All Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Io

Fight your way through Io and collect the last set of Destiny 2 scannable objects with our guide, with location descriptions and screenshots to help every Guardian. There are 28 scannable objects on Io, and the developers at Bungie are finally cutting us some slack. These are (usually) the easiest bunch of scannable objects to locate. Unlike the objects on Earth, most of the scannables in Io stick out like sore thumbs.

Because we can’t say it enough, don’t forget that your Ghost will help you find scannable lore object locations. When you’re close to an object you can scan, the Ghost icon will flash in the upper-right corner of your HUD. That’s very, very useful — there aren’t any other clues. Lost Sectors and Region Chests appear on your map, scannables are a lot tougher to find without any help. We’d venture to say, finding them without a guide is practically impossible.

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Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Io

Scannable Objects are lore collectibles that provide some small insight into the world of Destiny 2. After scanning an object, your ghost will provide a unique audio clip. The objects are always different, so be on the lookout for anything that appears out of place.


Echo Mesa – Lost Oasis

Scannable Object #1: Find this strange device on a high cliff directly east of the Lost Sector entrance.

Scannable Object #2: Start at the path to Terrabase Charon (northeastern corner) and travel southeast along the sandy dunes. There’s a Vex circular device half-buried in the sand you can scan.

Scannable Object #3: Follow the east road under the giant tree (the one with the Taken Public Event) to find a crevasse cut in the lime rock wall by the dirt path.

Scannable Object #4: Enter the tree south of the “Cliffhanger” adventure quest. There’s a Region Chest inside the tree, accessible through a cave network – jump into the caves and follow it past the hollow tree trunk into a dead end.

Echo Mesa – Spine Burrows

Scannable Object #5: From the entrance to the Spine Burrows, stick to the right wall. When you encounter a large blue-leafed tree, turn right – there’s a tall pillar with shell-like ruins and a half-buried Vex device on the ground floor, in the corner.

Scannable Object #6: Back at the entrance, stick to the left wall this time. Drop into the glowing blue water and you’ll find a buried Vex robot behind the raised rocky platform.

Echo Mesa – The Rupture

Scannable Object #7: Find the massive entrance to the Pyrimidion and look in the corner to the right, still in the shadow of the giant structure. Directly north of the entrance, you can find a buried half-circular Vex device in the sand.

Scannable Object #8: Use the right ramping Pyramidion pillar to climb up and around to a Vex teleporter. Through the teleporter, you’ll find a scannable object on the balcony.

Scannable Object #9: Enter the Vex structure due east from the Pyramidion entrance. On the north face, there’s an open doorway – scan the weird blue wall-mounted thing.

Scannable Object #10: Travel south from the Pyramidian entrance until you reach the southern boundary of the map – a ledge with a view of the valley below, guarded by lots of Vex. Near the edge, there’s a dish you can scan.

Scannable Object #11: On the road south from the Lost Oasis entrance, enter the caves by the road along the western wall of the map. They lead into an underground pond with a gold chest and a scannable object in the left corner. You’ll know it’s the right place if there are three Elite Taken inside.

Echo Mesa – The Endless Gate

Scannable Object #12: In the Endless Gate, fight through the bridge area guarded by Harpies and use the teleporter to reach another large monolithic room. On the upper edges, to the left of the next doorway, there’s a scannable little device that looks different from the rest of the environment.

Echo Mesa – Terrabase Charon

Scannable Object #13: From the center of the outside area where Vex and Taken are fighting, look to the northwestern hangar. Down the road, there’s a cave entrance with a spooky Taken rift inside.

Scannable Object #14: Left of the massive doorway to the northwest hangar interior, there’s a blue laser device you can scan.

Scannable Object #15: Scan the Cabal machine underneath the ramp in the bowl at the very center of the zone.

Scannable Object #16: At the southeast ridge of the exterior area in the center, there’s an old Vex warp gate buried in the ground.

Scannable Object #17: Directly underneath the previous scannable, there’s a cave with a strange device inside.

Echo Mesa – The Wraith Mines

Scannable Object #18: Enter the Wraith Mines though the north door in Terrabase Charon. Follow the path into the chamber with the drilling device in the cave ceiling – turn right and enter the glowing underground pond. In the left corner, there’s a strange device you can scan in the ground.

Scannable Object #19: Go up the ramp to the left of the drill room and enter the two-floor room guarded by a Taken Centurion. In the back-left, on the second level, there’s a glowing Taken rift.

Scannable Object #20: Back at the entrance to this same room, turn left to find a cavern path up to the second floor. There’s another Taken orb stuck in the left wall on the way up.

Echo Mesa – Giant’s Scar

Scannable Object #21: From the Landing Zone, face north and look at the large control center. There’s a road going through the center – to the right of the road, there’s a half-buried dish that’s scannable.

Scannable Object #22: Enter the drilling command center (through the door to the left of the road) and go right. There’s a hangar with an upper balcony in the back-right. Jump up to find a broken door and a Taken orb.

Scannable Object #23: Find the door to Excavation Site II – just west of the door, at the bottom of the ridge, there’s a strange Vex device you can scan.

Scannable Object #24: North of the central drill bit, there’s a half-buried Vex warp gate. Very visible and easy to find.

Scannable Object #25: Enter the cavern to the left of the path to Firebase Charon. The scannable Vex ruins are to the left of the chest.

Echo Mesa – Excavation Site II

Scannable Object #26: In the first square chamber, through the entrance from the Giant’s Scar, there’s a Taken orb behind the big round pillar in the left corner.

Scannable Object #27: Continue up into the second chamber (from the Giant’s Scar entrance) – turn left to find the next Taken orb behind a big cylinder filled with blue glowing liquid.

Scannable Object #28: Up in the third room, run over to the window. To the left of the forcefield with the crane, the last scannable is hidden behind the large metal pipes.

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