Destiny 2: All Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Nessus

Nessus isn’t actually a planet — it’s more of a rogue planetoid, called a Centaur, with an erratic orbit that shouldn’t be much more than a big rock in space. In Destiny 2, this is a lush, strange world converted into a mysterious paradise by the robotic alien race called the Vex. It’s also the second largest area in the game, so tracking down all the hidden scannables is going to be tough.

To make that task just a little easier for all you Guardians out there, we’ve got text descriptions and screenshots showing the locations of every scannable in the Nessus sector. This is one of the hardest planets to navigate, with strange area designs and underground caverns everywhere. Check out the full guide below — hopefully it helps. And don’t forget that your Ghost will light up in the upper-right corner of the screen when you’re near a scannable.

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Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Nessus

Scannable Objects are lore collectibles that provide some small insight into the world of Destiny 2. After scanning an object, your ghost will provide a unique audio clip. The objects are always different, so be on the lookout for anything that appears out of place.


Arcadian Valley – Artifact’s Edge

Scannable Object #1: Far south, in the alcove with Cayde’s crashed ship, there’s a high platform with a orb-like device on a high ledge, above and to the left of the lander.

Arcadian Valley – The Tangle

Scannable Object #2: In the northeast corner, there’s a huge tower guarded by Vex. There are two smaller towers orbiting the big one. A scannable is located on top of the taller of the two small towers.

Scannable Object #3: Near the path to Watcher’s Grave, look on the white geometric surfaces around the top of the huge fissure. There’s a holographic thing that stands out. That’s your scannable.

Scannable Object #4: Near the narrow path to Artifact’s Edge, there’s a distinctive white column attached to the rock walls. Climb up to the top of the column to find a busted Vex ripe for scanning.

Scannable Object #5: East of the passage to the Cistern, there’s a large, tall, round Vex object in the southern wall of the map. Use a giant tree branch to climb on top and scan the blue holographic thing.

Scannable Object #6: On the round Vex structure, drop down into the bowl with the blue teleporter. From inside, there’s an interior alcove on the west wall. Scan the glowing red device there.

Arcadian Valley – Chamber of Stone

Scannable Object #7: In the third combat chamber of the underground area, you’ll find a broken Vex warpgate to the right as you enter the room with the floor-mounted, active teleporter.

Arcadian Valley – The Mists

Scannable Object #8: In the very first open cavern room, turn right as you enter. There’s a large dish device behind a waterfall.

Scannable Object #9: Reach the chamber with the huge fissure in the center. On the back-right corner, look down on the edge for an orange-glow. There’s a secret tunnel you can drop down to with a wall-mounted hologram.

Scannable Object #10: In the statue chamber at the end of the dungeon, there’s a scannable above the steps, to the right of the entranceway to the teleporter. Use the tiny ledges in the chamber to jump onto the statues and to the ledge.

Arcadian Valley – Watcher’s Grave

Scannable Object #11: A rusted orb-shaped device on a high ledge, near the giant “eye” in the southwestern corner of the map.

Scannable Object #12: From the large round-shaped arena center, go north to find an underground area on the outer “ring” that leads to a giant blue glowing thing. Opposite the blue glow, there’s an orb mounted to white stone.

Scannable Object #13: On the north wall, between the blue Vex warpgate and the road to the Tangle, there’s a massive red tree. Climb up onto the branches to find this tough scannable.

Arcadian Valley – Chamber of Water

Scannable Object #14: In the long cavern, stick to the left wall until you find a spot that’s open, with a view of the planet outside. There’s a tall hologram you can scan here.

Arcadian Valley – The Cistern

Scannable Object #15: Just outside the Well of Flame, on the northwest corner of the circle, there’s a round hologram prominently displayed on a platform on the shore.

Scannable Object #16: Find a spear stuck in the rocks on the very edge of the dry land directly east of the Well of Flame.

Scannable Object #17: Between the Public Event arena and the Well of Flame, there’s a large tree. Just east of this tree, across the dirt road, there’s a jutting, diagonal Vex structure. Climb to the top to find a strange geometric rock you can scan.

Scannable Object #18: Still between the Public Event in the northwest and the Well of Flame, look across from the waterfall to find a glowing red device that’s easily visible from the large tree.

Scannable Object #19: Near the entrance to the Pool of Radiance, there’s a long horizontal platform with a waterfall. Climb up to the top to access a laser beam device for scanning.

Arcadian Valley – The Pools of Luminance

Scannable Object #20: Leaving the first circular room and following the dangerous liquid-fueled passage, look right for an opening above the rocks you can jump over. There’s a secret room you can access with another scannable laser device.

Scannable Object #21: In the chamber with the Hydra, look in the liquid to the left of the circular “center” platform. There’s a black geometric rock jutting from the electrical fluid you can scan.

Arcadian Valley – Hallows

Scannable Object #22: On the surface, climb onto the large platform with the surface Region Chest. There’s on southwest of the large hole. From there, follow the ledges to a high platform containing a very tough-to-find Vex robot.

Scannable Object #23: Down the hole, look under the upper part of the spiral staircase. There’s a hidden alcove with a glowing red scannable.

Scannable Object #24: Climb the rocks east of the large Vex teleporter in the northern section of the Hallows. There’s a broken warpgate up in the dark area you can scan.

Arcadian Valley – Glade of Echoes

Scannable Object #25: In the southeastern corner, there’s a very high ledge you can access from the white stone blocks.

Scannable Object #26: From the previous collectible, move west until you find a road with a ramp made out of containers. Look inside the top container to scan the staff in the dirt.

Scannable Object #27: Find a weird coil object in the southeast at the top of a rocky ledge, just off the main southern road. It’s between the rock ledge and the junk wall.

Scannable Object #28: A Vex body is found slightly west of the massive ship ruin entrance to the Exodus Black region. Very high up on a gray rock.

Scannable Object #29: Slightly west of the Lost Sector, look between the ruined ship curved wall and the rocky ledge. There’s an antennae device on the exterior of the ruin.

Arcadian Valley – EX-077 Command

Scannable Object #30: Enter the command module during the strike to access the EX-077 interior. Inside, check behind the steps and platforms to the left of the passageway to the second large chamber.

Arcadian Valley – Sunken Cavern

Scannable Object #31: Just as you enter the Sunken Cavern area, look left for a hidden passage behind a pile of large boulders.

Scannable Object #32: From the entrance, use the floating rocks to reach the combat area below. Clearing that, you’ll need to drop down to another round balcony area and enter an interior with a blue Vex portal at the end. Turn right and around before entering the portal to spot a bright yellow holographic thing in the interior rings.

Arcadian Valley – Exodus Black

Scannable Object #33: In a buried section of the Lost Sector fuselage, along the western wall of the region. Find the Lost Sector marker and turn right, then look in the last section of the rocket-shaped ruins.

Scannable Object #34: To the left of the southern exit, nestled in with a bunch of crates and behind large red plants, there’s a little device you can scan.

Scannable Object #35: On the exterior side of the pod containing Failsafe, near the Fallen junk base, there’s a hanging net full of stolen gadgets.

Scannable Object #36: Go to the large Fallen base near Failsafe’s location. In the northern section of the base, look on the southeast tower. There’s a terminal at the top you can scan.

Scannable Object #37: Near the Landing Zone, climb onto the tall rock plateau where a Region Chest is located. Along the edge, there’s also an antennae device you can scan.

Arcadian Valley – Chamber of Sky

Scannable Object #38: In the Chamber of Sky, run to the Vex teleporter pad in the back-right corner of the chamber. Before entering it, turn around to spot the pulsating blue device attached to the wall.

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