Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors Dungeon Locations Guide | Earth

The first zone in Destiny 2 is packed with Lost Sectors, the optional dungeons you’ll discover if you carefully comb through every environment. Helpfully, most Lost Sectors are marked with a large “U” shaped white symbol somewhere on the outside. Look for rocks or walls marked with this symbol, then search for a cave entrance or tunnel. Sometimes it’s an interior path or a hole leading directly into the dungeon.

Whatever the case, Lost Sectors are valuable locations to explore. Milestones and challenges are associated with Lost Sectors, and certain Lost Sectors are especially tough. You’ll even get a chance to encounter the spooky Taken enemies early on Earth if you find the right Lost Sectors. Every Lost Sector leads to a Lost Sector loot chest, and they’re way more valuable than your standard run-of-the-mill enemy chest. Find all the Lost Sectors and squeeze in even more Destiny 2 loot-collecting with these locations.

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Lost Sector Locations Guide | Earth

Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons found throughout each area of Destiny 2. There are 1-3 Lost Sectors per region. These dungeons are filled with enemies, and a special Lost Sector chest is found at the end.


EDZ – Outskirts

Lost Sector #1: Whispered Falls – The centrally located Lost Sector has two entrances. One is under the small bridge to the south, on the shoreline, and the other is on the opposite side of the hill in the swampy area beneath the plaza. The concrete archways mark the passage entrance.

Lost Sector #2: The Drain – Look for a very narrow cave at water level to the west of the main bridge that leads to the Sojourner’s Camp.

Lost Sector #3: Scavenger’s Den – Found to the west of the plaza (Public Event) and north of the large bridge that leads to the Sojourner’s Camp. There’s a passage on the beach marked with a Lost Sector symbol. Found directly south of the entrance from the Trostland.

EDZ – Trostland

Lost Section #4: Atrium – Use the open cellar doors inside the church to access the tunnels that lead to this Lost Sector.

Lost Section #5: Widow’s Walk – West of the church, there’s an interior storefront marked with a blue sign. Go inside and take the stairs down on the right to access a Lost Sector.

Lost Section #6: Terminus East – East of the church, there’s a building on ground level with yellowed tiles. This is the subway entrance. Use it to reach a Lost Sector.

EDZ – The Sludge

Lost Sector #7: Hallowed Grove – Found in the northwest corner of the map, there’s a flooded area on the street marked with a white Lost Sector symbol. Enter the cave filled with ankle-deep water to access the sector.

Lost Sector #8: Cavern of Souls – Dead center in the map, there’s a large factory that’s always surrounded by Cabal. Find an interior entrance on the east face and go right to drop into a cavern.

Lost Sector #9: Shaft 13 – Go to the massive ruined factory along the east wall of the map. From the south, find a marked entrance on the ground floor.

EDZ – Winding Cove

Lost Sector #10: The Weep – Found down a massive hole in an island directly north of the landing zone.

Lost Sector #11: The Lost Chasm – Look inside the cavern north (and under) the bridge in the center of the map.

EDZ – The Gulch

Lost Sector #12: The single Lost Sector entrance is south of the southern bridge, at water level.

EDZ – Firebase Hades

Lost Sector #13: The Pit – Along the western wall, there’s a large hangar bay with ramping entrances on the south / north sides. Between the wall and the ramp, there’s a dark passage that leads down into the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector #14: Excavation Site XII – Go to the high hills in the southeast quarter of the map. There’s a hill here guarded by Cabal. On the north ledge in this corner of the map, there’s a cave entrance.

Lost Sector #15: Pathfinder’s Crash – Directly south of the previous Lost Sector, on ground level beneath the southeast hill. There’s an obvious path that leads to the entrance.

EDZ – Sunken Isles

Lost Sector #16: Skydock IV – Located underneath the landing platform on the western edge of the map. There’s a tunnel beneath the carrier that leads onto an underground platform. Go through the open door and follow the passages down to reach the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector #17: The Quarry – In the center of the map, look north from the circular landing platform on the hill. Drop down to find the cave entrance marked with a Lost Sector symbol in the water.

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