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When normal Destiny 2 loot chests aren’t good enough, you’ll want to grab the one-time-only Region Chests. These special chests are better than your average randomly generated chest — for one, they’re totally gold, and you can only collect them once. When a Region Chest is collected, it disappears forever.

Also unlike regular chests, Region Chests are hidden in areas of the map you won’t normally look. They’re tucked away inside caves, on high hills, or in dark corners of the world. The Director map will provide a little help, there are Region Chest symbols available on your map after completing the campaign. If you’re lost and need extra help, we’ve got all the Region Chest locations with pictures available below.

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Region Chests Locations Guide | Earth

Regions Chests are unique gold chests in the environment. After completing the campaign, return to areas you’ve explored — the general location of Region Chests are marked on your map.


EDZ – Outskirts

Region Chest #1: Enter the storefront with the pair of archway entrances, to the right of the plaza and near the path to the Trostland.

Region Chest #2: Enter the dark cave right next (and below) the southwestern bridge on the shore that leads to the Winding Cove.

Region Chest #3: The last chest in this area is found in the large plaza. Look on the left-side when facing the apartments – there’s a large section that’s missing an exterior wall with several wrecked floors. Look at the top (third floor) above a destroyable Fallen antennae.

EDZ – Trostland

Region Chest #4: In the western corner of the Trostland, on the road to the Outskirts, look right for a tall structure with a destroyed second and third floor wall and a pile of rubble with bay windows. Climb up into the third floor to find a region chest.

Region Chest #5: Directly south of the previous chest, go to the cliff facing the dam and travel west into a dark alcove with the last region chest in this area.

EDZ – The Sludge

Region Chest #6: Right next to the landing zone, there’s a narrow cave path behind a weak waterfall. It’s so dark, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to enter.

Region Chest #7: Enter the large ruined factory from the landing zone. There’s a door that leads into a hallway with metal rafters above – jump up onto the small wooden floors above to spot a gold region chest.

Region Chest #8: On the southwestern wall of the map, there’s a blue / white container blocking a narrow crack in the brick wall. Enter the brick wall to find a region chest.

EDZ – Winding Cove

Region Chest #9: On the main road from the Outskirts, turning the curve on the “U”-shape you’ll encounter a rusted car and an old, closed rusted double door in the cliff wall. Jump onto the green rocks above the door to find a region chest.

Region Chest #10: Easier to find, this region chest in beneath the main road bridge through the center of the zone.

Region Chest #11: At the northern cliff face, look up to spot a crashed Fallen craft hanging from the ledge. Jump up onto the ledge to the right of the ship to find an area with one more region chest.

EDZ – The Gulch

Region Chest #12: North of the giant guarded tunnel that leads to The Tunnels, there’s a smaller Cabal outpost outside a cave with a scannable inside. Climb onto the hills above this cave to find another cave higher up with a gold chest inside.

Region Chest #13: Go to the southern bridge and look in the valley further south. There’s a cliff cave on the right behind some fallen trees, marked with a dirt path.

Region Chest #14: In the gully south of the main road bridge, just east from the previous gold chest, there’s a cave marked with a glowing blue lamp with another gold chest inside. This little area is usually protected by Cabal.

EDZ – Firebase Hades

Region Chest #15: Climb onto the high hills south of the landing zone, overlooking the southern “leg” of the giant cannon. This is on the eastern edge of the map.

Region Chest #16: Enter the control room of the southern “leg” of the giant cannon. Use the side entrances to reach a room with a hologram in the center. Jump onto the second floor walkway to find the gold chest.

Region Chest #17: On the western wall of the map, look south of the ramp entrance to the cargo bay interior. There’s a gray metal platform hanging from the wall – jump up to it to find a gold chest.

EDZ – Sunken Isles

Region Chest #18: Found along the northern shoreline, there’s a small island near the Public Event marker guarded by a Vandal. This is one of the easier Region Chests, so you might grab it accidentally while exploring the region your first time.

Region Chest #19: Go to the underground tunnel underneath the massive landing platform in the center of the map. The tunnel is on the western edge – go underground and onto the interior platform. To the left, the gold chest is behind some crates.

Region Chest #20: To the left of the massive carrier platform ramp. Look in the corner, in the rocks.

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