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Scannable Objects are the most mysterious of the Destiny 2 collectibles. Every scannable object is different, and there’s no truly easy way to hunt these trinkets down. Every time you scan a lore object, your Ghost will offer up some dialogue discussing the objects and the enemy faction it represents. Usually there’s some small story to the objects, and each one will unlock a unique bit of dialogue from your ghost.

There are more scannable objects than any other collectible type, and you’ll find these things in Public Sectors and Activity Sectors. Sometimes they’re locked behind Strike barriers, but most of the time scannable objects can be found in areas that your Guardian is free to revisit at any time. That might include campaign mission areas, adventure areas, or parts of the map you’ve never visited before. Whatever the case, we’ll provide detailed descriptions and screenshots to point you in the right direction.

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Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Earth

Scannable Objects are lore collectibles that provide some small insight into the world of Destiny 2. After scanning an object, your ghost will provide a unique audio clip. The objects are always different, so be on the lookout for anything that appears out of place.


EDZ – The Farm

Scannable Object #1: Climb onto the barn roof and check the back-left corner for a Sniper Rifle on a pile of sand bags. To reach the rooftop, use the Eververse Tent to reach the waterwheel mill, then tightrope walk across the two thick black wires.

Scannable Object #2: There’s another sniper perch near the water. From the dock, travel north and look behind one of the armed NPCs. It’s in the area with the large camo netting in the trees.

Scannable Object #3: On the opposite side of the dock, high up, there’s a rocky cliff with another perch to scan. You’ll need Sentry Rank and the jump boost to reach it – run on the waterwheel and tightrope walk on the black wires for a jump boost.

Scannable Object #4: Behind the two-story house, there’s another high cliff with a sleeping bag, along the same rock wall as the previous scannable.

EDZ – Sojourner’s Camp

Scannable Object #5: From the entrance to the Sojourner’s Camp, stick to the cliff’s edge. Travel northwest and look for a ruined Sentinel.

Scannable Object #6: Continue to follow the cliff. There’s a bronze antennae further on the cliff’s edge that’s much easier to spot.

Scannable Object #7: Go to the back wall of the camp. There’s a green tarp-covered object you can scan behind a mess of broken trees and rocks.

EDZ – Outskirts

Scannable Object #8: Following the road west to the Winding Cove, turn right at the dirt path up the hill. Not far from the road, there’s a green tarp-covered scannable on this dirt path.

Scannable Object #9: Near the path that leads north out of the Outskirts and toward the Sludge, look on the pond landing below the bridge. There’s (sometimes) a loot chest here, and a servitor to scan in the corner.

Scannable Object #10: Find the strange Fallen device behind the large structure in the southwest corner of the plaza. There’s a hill and a series of paths – find it on the hills by the muddy roads.

Scannable Object #11: In the plaza, there’s a big sack full of red Shanks inside the ruined building along the north wall. Very easy to see – just jump onto the second floor of the ruined building to scan it.

Scannable Object #12: Near the path to the Trostland, there’s a red rusty ticket booth to the right. Look in the narrow corner to find another scannable.

EDZ – Trostland

Scannable Object #13: Scan the passenger seat of the rusted truck, on the road west of the park across from the church entrance.

Scannable Object #14: Look for a fallen flag hanging between the buildings opposite the rusted truck. Lots of Cabal and Fallen spawn right here.

Scannable Object #15: There’s a green crate in the top floor of the ABS Kastner building, east from the church entrance.

Scannable Object #16: Go to the corner building west of the church entrance with an Ansel sign. Climb up to the third floor to scan the easy-to-spot hanging sack full of Fallen technology.

EDZ – Salt Mines (Activity)

Scannable Object #17: Entering the Salt Mines proper, jump up into the upper office at the corner of the first tunnel. There’s a hanging Fallen banner you can scan.

Scannable Object #18: Going through the low-ceiling tunnel from the first chamber, you’ll enter another larger room with a Fallen encounter. Straight from the entrance, there’s a half-buried blue container in the dark corner. Behind it, there’s a sentinel you can scan.

Scannable Object #19: Following the main path, you’ll reach an old catwalk. Below, there’s a blue shield – don’t drop yet. Jump across the missing catwalk piece to find a Fallen terminal on the other side.

EDZ – Maevic Square (Activity)

Scannable Object #20: Directly right of the entrance into Maevic Square from the Trostland, enter the storefront and look in the rubble for a glowing staff.

Scannable Object #21: Find the covered supplies behind a green-yellow tree inside the ground level corner building on the road to the massive blue shield blocking the street.

Scannable Object #22: Travel north and head up the rocky rubble to the left of the rusty bus to find more Fallen technology.

EDZ – The Sludge

Scannable Object #23: Look for a glowy object behind a large tree directly across the stream near the landing zone.

Scannable Object #24: Enter the large building on the southern road to the Outskirts, the one marked with “Salzwerk Trostland” on the side. Look to the right and scan the wrecked conduit on the wall.

Scannable Object #25: West from the curved hill road leading to the Outskirts, look for a rusty brown and white structure with supports. Underneath the overhang, there’s a power box you can scan.

EDZ – Winding Cove

Scannable Object #26: On the island north of the landing zone with the entrance to the Lost Sector, there’s a Fallen pike you can scan.

Scannable Object #27: Scan the green crate on the western wall of the map, south of the crashed Fallen ship. It’s high up – on a fallen tree trunk.

EDZ – The Gulch

Scannable Object #28: North of the massive tunnel entrance that leads to The Tunnels, there’s a small Cabal outpost guarding a cave entrance. Inside, there’s a glowing blue scannable near the ceiling.

Scannable Object #29: Climb onto the hills directly above the scannable cave. There’s a bunch of fallen tree trunks with a sentinel tucked away.

Scannable Object #30: Directly opposite the massive tunnel entrance that leads to The Tunnels, there’s a small antennae on a green cliff above the ruined road.

EDZ – The Tunnels (Activity)

Scannable Object #31: Inside the Tunnels, enter the first Cabal base you spot on the right, and continue into the massive circular chamber. Go left and hop into the raised interior area. In the back corner, there’s a very hard-to-spot round thing attached to the ceiling you can scan. Why this thing? I have no idea.

Scannable Object #32: Follow the main road through the Tunnels north until you reach the massive chamber with a pair of bridges. Between the bridges, there’s a massive engine with two pipe cylinders – look between the cylinders for a smaller engine you can scan.

EDZ – Firebase Hades

Scannable Object #33: Go to the winding path that connects Firebase Hades with the Winding Cove. On the curve, along the east wall, there’s a Fallen antennae above the road.

Scannable Object #34: On the southwestern section of the wall, there’s a small base with three giant missiles strapped together. Directly above the missiles, there’s a platform. Jump up to the platform and look at the ceiling in the passage to scan the round object.

Scannable Object #35: Stick to the west wall and travel all the way north. Past the open doorway, there’s a small crate sitting in the rocky rumble.

Scannable Object #36: The last scannable object in this area on the northwest exit, by the road that leads to The Gulch. There’s a small hill west of the giant cannon – look in the trees for a small Fallen device.

EDZ – Sunken Isles

Scannable Object #37: Northwest from the Landing Zone, look in the northern shoreline for a tiny, tiny island in the water. There’s a red object you can scan by a rock. This tiny island only has four skinny trees.

Scannable Object #38: Scan the blue terminal inside the bunker in the center of the map – this is the bunker on the hill with the landing pad hanging over the cliff edge.

Scannable Object #39: In the southwest corner, go inside the open hangar door and into the chamber with the piles of crates covered in red tarps. In the back-left corner, there’s a massive gray object attached to the wall. Scan it!

EDZ – Legion’s Anchor

Scannable Object #40: Once you travel far enough south from the entrance to reach the outdoor area, continue toward the spot where a round forcefield cage is hanging by a crane. Travel right from the cage and look under a ramp to scan the device in the corner.

EDZ – Legion’s Hold

Scannable Object #41: The last scannable is in the back-right corner of the massive hangar, between the wall and the ramp. Scan the cylinder attached to the wall. This is the room with the huge circular lift in the center.

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