Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

No different from its last-gen versions, Minecraft’s world generation is randomly generated based on “seeds”. It’s an almost limitless game world based on intricate algorithms. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that. However those seeds can be influenced, they can be copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, and thus renders the players able to go and recreate worlds. 

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Minecraft forums, wikis and communities out on the web have started collecting some of the best and most interesting seeds that the game has to offer on the Xbox One. We’ve decided to collect some of the seeds and present them to you so you can use them to create a stunning world in Minecraft, should you choose.

The following selection of seeds is just a small sample of the countless worlds that the game can create on Minecraft for the Xbox One. With over 380 trillion unique and different worlds, the possibilities are endless.

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Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

[NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.]

Latest Seeds


Here’s a great seed if you’re looking to get diamonds right away. This seed has at least several exposed diamonds to gather. Also, you can find a double ravine meaning that inside one ravine there will be a secret ravine inside. Source for this seed can be found right here.

Ravine With Exposed Gold

  • 111,-142

Pyramid Temple

  • 40,83,-903

Double Ravine

  • 95-24,-128


  • 91,12-120
  • -55,12,-619
  • -105,12,-632


For those that are after biomes and scenery then this seed has a few rare biomes right by spawn. When you spawn you can easily spot an ice-filled and snow biome which is certainly a cool area to explore. However, just next to that biome is a rather rare bamboo biome. Being so close to spawn, this seed can be worth exploring either alone or with some friends. More information for this seed can be found right here.


If you’re wanting more of a standard map to explore that still has plenty of areas of interest to check out then give this seed a go. It has a nice big ravine with a mineshaft, villages, a witch hut, and even a shipwreck right near spawn. The source for this seed can be found right here.


  • 1619, -139

Witch Hut

  • 2162, -139


  • 1824, -177
  • 1874, -579
  • 1344, -1194
  • 1429, -1486

Ravine Mineshaft

  • 1453, -1446


  • 1785, -918


This seed is full of content to make use of. You have over ten villages, temples and a ton of biomes. There’s also plenty of spawners, witch huts, mineshafts, mansions, monuments and more. This is one seed that’s going to give everything you’d probably want from a map. Below is a few highlights but there is plenty more to be discovered. More info on this seed can be found in the source right here.

Desert Temple

  • -1812, 72, 2326

Ocean Temple

  • 2185, 76, -714

Woodland Mansion

  • -309, 65, 52

Zombie Spawner

  • -999x 29, 718

Skeleton Spawner

  • 287, 61, 1020

Witch Hut

  • -2188, 65, 1779


  • -1189, 67, 728


One Reddit user came across a good starter map with plenty of villages and temples. This map automatically puts you in a great spot right at spawn and you won’t have to travel far to reach places like a village.


  • -1645, -1224
  • -523, 82
  • -616, 722
  • 266, -1611
  • 2923, -1519

Ocean Temple

  • 1649, -3240

Witch Hut

  • 702, -3289

Desert Temple

  • 715, 558
  • 102, -1455
  • 373, -1689


Here’s another desert themed map that generates a few notable areas right next to spawn. So at 12,72,4 which is your spawn coordinates, you will find everything from mesas, desert temples and villages. Source for this discovery can be found here.


Here’s a pretty full seed with villages and pyramids. You will find that there are also a few blacksmiths within the villages inside this map so starting off fresh using this map will make things a bit easier if you visit these villages marked below. More gamers have also reported additional content within the source forum right here of their own discoveries so you can be sure there is a ton of interesting locations to find while exploring the general area.


  • x -853, z -1464
  • x -263, z 1298
  • x 159, z 1213

Zombie Spawner

  • -995, 12, -311
  • -962, 14, -319
  • -974, 13, -313


When you create this seed you’ll need to uncheck everything, keep the world size classic and biomes large followed by checking Generate Structures. This seed you’ll find several temples, villages, stronghold, spawners and more. The source for this seed can be found right here.


  • -154, 57, 99

Desert Temple

  • -233, 66, 53
  • -161, 90, 284
  • -190, 69, -240


  • -345, 71, 91
  • -143, 80, 324

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