Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Older seeds

Seed: 5846359029418317794

This seed offers a whole lot of temples and villages near its spawn. 

Seed: 1480205470

You spawn in a desert close to two mob spawners. The landscape itself earns itself a place on this list, as there are steep hills you can build your fortress (or house) into. There is also a village nearby with a blacksmith. 

Seed: -198666536

This seed is populated by a large number of desert temples and villages. Here are the places you can go to find them:

Desert temple locations:

x -838 y 86 z 966

x -476 y 82 z -1008

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 104 y 77 z -1462

x 843 y 84 z -1918

x -441 y 102 z -1252

Village locations:

x-1137 y 86 z 966

x-321 y 79 z -842

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 10 y 94 z -1382

x 656 y77 z -1927

x-441 y 102 z -1252

Seed: -1460420969

You spawn right on a village that’ll allow you to survive the night pretty easily. This is a popular seed because it’s rich with diamonds. 

Seed: -8100593880228775311

This seed spawns you in a snow biome and is full of temples and villages.

Seed: -7492801512473941435

You’ll spawn very close to a village. If you cross the ocean at the spawn you’ll encounter a mushroom biome filled with mooshrooms. There is also a temple within a village nearby.

Seed: -5825474964779901595 

This seed starts you next to a well developed village at the foot of a mountain formation leading to a canyon. There are plenty of caves to explore.

Seed: 1985806082

This seed spawns you right next to a village that’s only a short distance away from a sand temple. If you deactivate the TNT at the bottom and dig out you’ll find a massive underground cavern with ore.