Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds


We’ve seen the traditional island survival seed all the time. Usually it’s a small area to explore with very minimum resources available. Ideally, these seeds are to give players a challenge, but if you’re wanting a larger island more than a few good resources to start off with then this is the seed for you. You’ll get tossed onto a large island with hills and mountains. It may not be the most challenging map to do a survival island game, but it would make for great exploration or you can make some pretty great creative builds with this island as its setting. More information on the map can be found in the source here.


If you’re wanting a desert area to use as a map for the next big Minecraft adventure then try this seed out. Not only will you get a nice big desert are to explore but you’ll also have at least five villages near spawn and two desert temples. This should make for some interesting map gameplay and credit for this source can be found here.


Looking for a new survival island seed. This one is a bit big with little broken islands from it so you could make bridges to different islands and potentially have landmasses to farm specific resources. There also a single tree so you want to take care of it while you plant additional trees around the area. Source for this seed can be found here.


This is a seed  with several villages, a woodland mansion along with a stronghold listed. If you’re looking for a rich seed with plenty of places to explore and build up then this is a good option to run with. More info can be found in the source right here.


  • 341, -619
  • 420, -411
  • 661, -411
  • 725, -619


  • -600, 140

Woodland Mansion

  • 184, -4760


  • 1106, 898


This seed features a big survival island with limited resources making it a challenge. However, you’ll find that scattered throughout the island is  buried treasure for you to discover. More info can be found in the source right here.

Buried Treasure

  • 264, 62, -55
  • 712, 59, -568
  • -1096, 60, -824
  • -248, 66, -55

Zombie Spawner

  • 638, 30, -24
  • 753, 41, -1193


  • 668, 28, -106
  • 219, 34, -523


Use a large map size and biome scale. You’ll find that this seed will have two woodland mansions and a village near spawn. Likewise, if you explore outwards you’ll come across ocean monuments, desert temples, a blacksmith village, and much more. Below are a few coordinates you will want to keep track of. If you’re wanting even more coordinates then check out the source right here.

Woodland Mansions

  • -230, 74, 107
  • -383, 71, -78


  • -251, 68, 246
  • -193, 76, 1156
  • -1355, 70, 690
  • 378, 72, -1292

Desert Temples

  • -934, 66, 810
  • -966, 66, 1098

Ocean Monuments

  • -1768, 62, 774
  • -1769, 62, 390
  • -2391, 62, -423