Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

CU15 Seeds

For all the newly added seeds on this list, we recommend starting the world size in Classic.

Seed: -1117816657125390683

This seed has been around since TU19, but like many other seeds on this list, it works on the latest version of the game. There are villages, temples, witch huts, dungeons, and a ton of diamonds on this one (source: MinecraftForums) .

Villages (* indicates blacksmith chest)

  • X:-321, Z:138*
  • X:-205, Z:1343
  • X:-2528, Z:1570* (This village is comically small)
  • X:-2231, Z:1134*
  • X:1263, Z:1635

Desert Temples

  • X:-406, Z:298 (2x Diamond horse armor, 6x Diamonds, 3x Emeralds, 3x Iron, 2x Gold)
  • X:-294, Z:1146 (1x Diamond horse armor, 1x Iron horse armor.)
  • X:-2357, Z:1562 (1x Gold horse armor)
  • X:331, Z-198 (Found by Nemocidal)

Jungle Temples

  • X:89, Z:1398 (x1 Protection III, x2 Diamonds)
  • X:-1385, Z:2214 (x11 Gold ingots)
  • X: -2394, Z:2152 (x1 Fortune I, x3 diamonds, x1 saddle)
  • X:-953, Z:693 (x2 saddles)
  • X:-489, Z:773 (x3 Emeralds, x5 Gold)
  • X:145, Z:22 (Found by Nemocidal)

Witch Huts

  • X:-895, Z:2102
  • X:-1821, Z:51
  • X;-428, Z:-1202
  • Library: X:-484, Y:35, Z:-1202 (Found by Nemocidal)
  • The End Portal: X: -444, Y:28, Z:-864 (Found By MsLilMeow)

Spider Dungeons

  • X:-151, Y:56, Z:198 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x1 Projectile Protection IV)
  • X-382 Y:57 Z:1167 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x2 Saddles)

Zombie Dungeons

  • X:-235, Y:41, Z:148 (x2 Saddles, x1 Name Tag)
  • X:-355, Y:13, Z:125 (x1 Saddle)
  • X:-338, Y:57, Z:100 (x1 Saddle)
  • X:2438 Y:57 Z:-1506 (x2 music discs)
  • X:-408 Y:56 Z:953 (x1 Iron Horse Armor)
  • X:16 Y:58: Z:282 (x2 Name Tags, x2 Saddles)

Skeleton Dungeons

  • X;-248, Y:24, Z:328 (x1 Gold horse armor, x1 Iron horse armor, x1 Name tag)


  • X:573 Y:43 Z:-614

Diamonds (100+)

  • X;-387 Y:12 Z:88 (6)
  • X:-471 Y:13 Z:84 (4)
  • X:-606 Y:10 Z:86 (6)
  • X:-666 Y:12 Z:71 (4)
  • X: 221 Y:17 Z:272 (2)
  • X:-288 Y:12 Z:122 (4)
  • X:-232 Y:11 Z:317 (5)
  • X:-170 Y:14 Z:188 (4)
  • X:-369 Y:7 Z:139 (5)
  • X:-405 Y:7 Z:133 (6)
  • X:-319 Y:5 Z:117 (6)
  • X:-355 Y:7 Z:126 (6)
  • X:-333 Y:6 Z:125 (8)
  • X:-343 Y:8 Z:127 (3)
  • X:-68 Y:13 Z:224 (5)
  • X:261 Y:12 Z:-1045 (5)
  • X:239 Y:12 Z:-1089 (3)
  • X:221 Y:12 Z:-1093 (5)
  • X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)
  • X:580 Y:12 Z:-603 (5)
  • X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)
  • X:1540 Y:13 Z:863 (5)
  • X:1558 Y:13 Z:-881 (2)