Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds


This seed is unique in the fact that its a rather large island. You can really get creative with this whether you want to design something a bit more tropical with a resort or simply get creative. You’ll find that this area also has three shipwrecks and ocean monuments. Source for the seed can be found right here.


  • 311,42,-165
  • -297,42,31
  • 5,42,34,

Ocean Monuments

  • -153,62,329
  • 157,62,-120
  • 134,62,167


A lot of seeds can be found based around the incredible randomized map creations. We’ve certainly seen a ton of different unique maps to explore, but here’s one worth exploring and building on. In this seed, you’ll find a village that was built all around a massive ravine. The building looks to be abandoned as well so it could give players a bit of a working area to get creative. You’ll also find a stronghold within the ravine just below the village. Head over to 554, 70, 479 to see this unique ravine out. Source for the seed can be found here.


Here’s a great seed if you’re looking to get diamonds right away. This seed has at least several exposed diamonds to gather. Also, you can find a double ravine meaning that inside one ravine there will be a secret ravine inside. Source for this seed can be found right here.

Ravine With Exposed Gold

  • 111,-142

Pyramid Temple

  • 40,83,-903

Double Ravine

  • 95-24,-128


  • 91,12-120
  • -55,12,-619
  • -105,12,-632


This seed is rather interesting. For starters, the placement of the mansion is great as it’s completely surrounded right in a middle of a forest. Then there’s the dungeon located right under a ruined portal and to top it off, there’s villages that are located right across each other that’s separated by the ocean.


  • 88,376

Dungeon & Ruined Portal

  • -360,40


  • 520,520