Destiny 2: All Region Chests Locations Guide | Io

Find 9 more Region Chests and earn 21 easy Io Tokens on the fourth planet of Destiny 2. Io Tokens are resources you can trade to the local mad scientist and enhance your faction level. Increasing your level rewards your Guardian with a Legendary Engram. It’s a pretty great trade, and Region Chests are a fast way to collect lots of tokens.

Io is where you’ll find a massive Cabal drilling operation. There are lots of Activity Sectors, but you’ll only find Region Chests in Public Sectors. There are three Region Chests per large Public Sector, and they’re always well hidden. Use the icons on your map for a little extra help tracking these glowing gold chest down, then check the descriptions (and screenshots) below for more info.

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Region Chests Locations Guide | Io

Regions Chests are unique gold chests in the environment. After completing the campaign, return to areas you’ve explored — the general location of Region Chests are marked on your map.


Echo Mesa – Lost Oasis

Region Chest #1: Look south from the Landing Zone. Down below on the cliffside, there’s a large dark cavern. Check inside to find a chest.

Region Chest #2: Drop down into the hole at the massive tree trunk. There’s a tunnel that leads east (or west from the further-away trunk) that connects the two giant dead trees. Follow the underground tunnel to find a gold chest.

Region Chest #3: South of the “Cliffhanger” Adventure quest, there’s an area filled with fighting Taken. Jump into the cavern entrance above the battle underneath the giant roots and follow the tunnels to the right until you reach a huge open shaft. The chest is located in the dead tree trunk.

Echo Mesa – The Rupture

Region Chest #4: Find the giant pyramid on the western edge of the map. While facing the pyramid, climb one of the smooth ramping pillars on the right up and into a series of platforms that lead to a teleporter. The teleporter will take you to the top where you’ll find a balcony, a Region Chest, and a scannable object.

Region Chest #5: Go back through the teleporter – there’s another Region Chest very close by the blue Vex teleporter. When facing the teleporter, crouch and inch around the edge of the floating platform to the right of the teleporter. There’s a very tough to spot ledge with the chest here.

Region Chest #6: Along the western road on the Rupture, travel south from the Lost Oasis entrance. There’s a cave entrance you can use that leads into a chamber filled with Elite Taken enemies. There’s a chest and a scannable object inside.

Echo Mesa – Giant’s Scar

Region Chest #7: In the northwestern section of the Giant’s Scar, look west of the road to Terrabase Charon. There’s a large cave entrance with a Gold Chest and a scannable object inside.

Region Chest #8: Find the giant drilling machine in the northern section, then jump onto the west-most leg. There’s a Region Chest wedged into the gears above the control station.

Region Chest #9: Just north of the Landing Zone there’s a tall tower connected to the drilling station by huge black wires. The chest is located on top of the tower. Use the wires to climb up to the top.


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