Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors Dungeon Locations Guide | Nessus

There’s nothing better than blasting even more bad guys in Destiny 2, and the Lost Sectors provide ample extra action solo or with a fireteam. There are a handful of Lost Sectors on the planetoid of Nessus, and here we’re going to provide more details to help you track them all down. There’s more than just bad guys to shoot — at the end, there’s a big Lost Sector Chest you can loot for more rewards.

The Lost Sectors are marked on the map, and in-game, with a white painted symbol you’ll want to look out for in the screenshots above. They’ll help you track down the underground entrances and cave networks that lead to these totally optional challenges.

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Lost Sector Locations Guide | Nessus

Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons found throughout each area of Destiny 2. There are 1-3 Lost Sectors per region. These dungeons are filled with enemies, and a special Lost Sector chest is found at the end.


Arcadian Valley – Artifact’s Edge

Lost Sector #1: The Orrery – There’s a huge circular indentation in the north face of the area. The zone appears to be an entrance that’s locked. The actual path into the Lost Sector is in the lower-right corner.

Arcadian Valley – The Tangle

Lost Sector #2: Along the center-west wall of the area, the Lost Sector is clearly marked on a rock from the western road.

Arcadian Valley – The Cistern

Lost Sector #3: The Conflux – North of the Well of Flame, drop down to the bottom of a liquid waterfall. There’s a cave built into the strange structure of the planet that leads to a Lost Sector.

Arcadian Valley – Glade of Echoes

Lost Sector #4: The Carrion Pit – In the center of the map, there’s a large pile of wreckage controlled by the Fallen. Look for an interior under the platforms with a tunnel made of containers.

Arcadian Valley – Exodus Black

Lost Sector #5: The Void – Easy to spot from the Landing Zone. Just look to the western wall, south of the main entrance to the Exodus Black Failsafe chamber. There’s a ruined blue fuselage with the Lost Sector marker painted on the exterior.

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