Destiny 2: All Region Chests Locations Guide | Titan

The hunt for Region Chests continues onto the second area of Destiny 2. On Titan, you’ll explore raised industrial rigs surrounding a truly enormous arcology, all above the rainswept methane oceans below. The decrepit rigs now house the Hive, and finding Region Chests isn’t too easy thanks to complicated geometry, multiple floors, and interior rooms peppering the larger regions.

So, what exactly are Region Chests? Region Chests are one-time-only gold chests that give you x3 planetary tokens, which you can turn-in at the nearest NPC vendor for a Legendary Engram reward. Collect lots of these little things, and you’ll be rolling in purple gear.

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Region Chests Locations Guide | Titan

Regions Chests are unique gold chests in the environment. After completing the campaign, return to areas you’ve explored — the general location of Region Chests are marked on your map.


New Pacific Arcology – Siren’s Watch

Region Chest #1: From the door to the Sinking Docks, turn right and go through the under-area, turning right to reach a lonely path on the southwest exterior of the rig. There’s a small dead end room with the gold chest inside.

Region Chest #2: On the same path you took to the previous chest, to the right of the Sinking Docks door, look for an open interior on the left – this is a side room from the Hive pod chamber. Enter the smaller room attached to find a gold chest.

Region Chest #3: The last chest is almost directly south of the Landing Zone. From the pad, drop down to ground level south and look for a small maintenance room door on the rig’s edge.

New Pacific Arcology – The Rig

Region Chest #4: In the northwest corner of the rig, jump to the cargo area where a public event takes place. The chest is clearly visible on the containers in the back-left corner.

Region Chest #5: Beneath the platform for the previous Region Chest. Travel east from the cargo platform and drop down to the walkway on the north face of the rig. There’s a Lost Sector entrance – keep going down the grating path to find a hidden chest.

Region Chest #6: In the southeast corner, south of the massive gate bridge that leads to the arcology, look for a corner of the rig with an open doorway. Above the door, there’s a blue vent – behind the vent, you’ll find the last region chest for Titan.

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