Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors Dungeon Locations Guide | Titan

The second zone in Destiny 2, Titan, looks positively puny in comparison to the sprawling Earth area. There are only a grand total of three Lost Sectors to find, located on two of the regions — Siren’s Watch, and The Rig. Those are the two largest areas, and they’re complex networks of industrial machinery. Navigating the multi-floor zones can be a little tricky, but we’ll show you the way with pictures and a gallery of location shots.

The moon of Titan is made of pure methane oceans, and the abandoned colony is now infested with the Hive. These monstrous, magical and undead aliens create biological growth for their growing pods, turning the windswept ruins of ocean-bound rigs and beautiful arcology cities into deathly hallows of horror. Keep the light on as you explore the underbelly of each facility.

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Lost Sector Locations Guide | Titan

Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons found throughout each area of Destiny 2. There are 1-3 Lost Sectors per region. These dungeons are filled with enemies, and a special Lost Sector chest is found at the end.


New Pacific Arcology – Siren’s Watch

Lost Sector #1: Methane Flush – Look in the northeastern corner of the rig. East of the Landing Zone, drop down to the edge with the safety nets and turn the corner to find an open door that leads down.

New Pacific Arcology – The Rig

Lost Sector #2: Cargo Bay 3 – Found on the north face of the rig. Near the raised cargo platform in the northwest corner, move east and drop down to the walkways along the northern rim. There’s a tall column with stairs inside – go down to access the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector #3: DS Quarters-2 – Attached to the portal chamber in the center of the map, go north to locate a hallway with an exit to the outside. At the end of this hallway, there’s are stairs that lead down into an optional Lost Sector.

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