Destiny 2: All Region Chests Locations Guide | Nessus

Grab 63 free Nessus Tokens with these Destiny 2 Region Chest locations. Large regions are hiding three gold chests, and each one carries x3 the normal token rewards. You can only collect these chests once, but they’re pretty worthwhile — turn in all those tokens, and Failsafe will reward your Guardian with Legendary Engrams. Not a bad trade off.

The planetoid of Nessus is a complicated nightmare of Vex tunnels and strange areas filled with electrified liquid. Navigating each region is tough, and trying to locate the Region Chests can be frustrating when you don’t even know when to look up or down. The map icons help, but they’ll only go so far. Check out the screenshots and descriptions below for even more help finding all the Region Chests on Nessus.

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Region Chests Locations Guide | Nessus

Regions Chests are unique gold chests in the environment. After completing the campaign, return to areas you’ve explored — the general location of Region Chests are marked on your map.


Arcadian Valley – Artifact’s Edge

Region Chest #1: Travel to the wall opposite the Landing Zone. There’s a series of flat rock platforms near the Vex wall – the Region Chest is wedged between the wall and under one of those weird rock formations.

Region Chest #2: On the path to Cayde’s crashed ship, there’s a large white stone plinth by the wall. Look behind the white block, just south of a Public Event marker.

Region Chest #3: Climb the crashed back section of the ship you first visited on the opening Nessus mission. The ship serves as a ramp up to a little alcove on the back-right with a gold chest.

Arcadian Valley – The Tangle

Region Chest #4: On the path to the Watcher’s Grave in the northeastern corner of the map, look for the northern entrance to a massive canyon. Jump onto the upper levels of the white stone side of the fissure to discover a hidden gold chest.

Region Chest #5: In the northwestern corner of the map, there’s an impressively tall Vex tower guarded by a Hydra and other Vex enemies. Go to the back wall and stand on the broken orb, then look at the corners of the tower – about halfway up, there’s a small ledge with the Region Chest on it.

Region Chest #6: Found on one of the branches of the giant red-leaf tree, northeast from the “Lost Crew” adventure.

Arcadian Valley – Watcher’s Grave

Region Chest #7: This tricky gold chest is high up in the dome shaped structure that makes up the majority of the southern wall in this zone. Climb onto the white curved cliffs to find this one – use your map for help.

Region Chest #8: At the back of the rounded southern wall, there’s a series of pillars above a bottomless blue pit. Jump to the back pillar to find this chest.

Region Chest #9: Find the large “eye” in the southwest corner of the map. Below the eye, there are four tall towers. The tallest of the pillars has a gold chest on top.

Arcadian Valley – The Cistern

Region Chest #10: There’s a tunnel along the eastern wall of the Cistern, between the Glades of Echoes and the Tangle access routes. Along the edge, there’s a tiny alcove underground near the ceiling with this chest. Very tricky to spot. Use the map icon for more help.

Region Chest #11: Next to the “Invitation From the Emperor” quest, there’s a huge structure. Climb up the ramp and inside to find a treasure chest near a laser-shooting beam device.

Region Chest #12: In the northwestern corner with the Injection Rig Public Event, look inside one of the old, broken orbs on the liquid’s edge.

Arcadian Valley – Hallows

Region Chest #13: Along the west wall near the exit path to Watcher’s Grave, there’s a huge tree in the cavern. Look under the roots, beneath the main tree trunk to find this chest.

Region Chest #14: Go to the giant spiral stairs that leads to the surface. Just northwest of the opening, there’s a tiny alcove near the ceiling. Use the map icon and look for the green light of the chest to spot it.

Region Chest #15: Southwest of the giant spiral staircase entrance to the surface, climb up to the top and look on the large white block above the circular hole.

Arcadian Valley – Glade of Echoes

Region Chest #16: Not too hard to find. Climb the tall plateau in the northwest corner of the glade.

Region Chest #17: West of the Public Event area, near the center of the glade, there’s a road with a ramp made of busted shipping containers. Beneath the top container, there are two more containers you can check out. There’s a Region Chest in one of those containers.

Region Chest #18: In the southeast corner of the map, on the ground floor. There’s no trick here.

Arcadian Valley – Exodus Black

Region Chest #19: East of the Exodus Black interior area where Failsafe is located, there’s a large junk-made Fallen base. North of that base, there’s a bunch of strange rocks. Look underneath the bridge-like rock to find a hidden chest.

Region Chest #20: Climb the huge rock formation that flattens out into a wide plateau, south of the Fallen base and right near the Landing Zone.

Region Chest #21: Enter the underground cavern through the east entrance in this region. In the chamber with the blue Vex portal, look underneath and to the left to find an easy chest.

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