Destiny 2: All Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Titan

Scannables are the toughest to find collectible in Destiny 2, and there are loads of them in the rotting rigs of Titan. The second major zone introduces Guardians to the New Pacific Arcology, and loads of other minor mission areas you’ll need to explore. Scannable Objects provide a little bit of lore, and don’t forget that your Ghost will provide a little bit of help finding them. When you’re near a Scannable Object, the Ghost icon will light up in the upper right corner of your screen. Very, very helpful.

If only Scannables weren’t so hard to find. These things appear in mission activity sectors and public sectors all the same, and the stuff you actually scan is totally random. Sometimes you’ll scan something that stands out, but just as often you’ll scan some regular piece of geometry that doesn’t look any different from the rest of the game world. It’s a nightmare, but hopefully we can help with pictures and descriptions for each location.

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Scannable Objects Locations Guide | Titan

Scannable Objects are lore collectibles that provide some small insight into the world of Destiny 2. After scanning an object, your ghost will provide a unique audio clip. The objects are always different, so be on the lookout for anything that appears out of place.


New Pacific Arcology – Sinking Docks

Scannable Object #1: When you enter the dark room with three large pipes labaled “1”, “2”, “3”, look in the back corner for a large black growth with a glowing red gunk inside.

Scannable Object #2: Continuing on, look right near the previous object. There’s a strange cocoon behind the pillar, near an enemy spawn door.

Scannable Object #3: Dropping down through the giant fan, look near the open door in a corner (by the railings) for a red terminal you can scan.

New Pacific Arcology – Siren’s Watch

Scannable Object #4: The first scannable is near the Sinking Docks door in the southwestern corner of the rig. It’s an easily visible Fallen antennae, on a raised platform opposite the docks door.

Scannable Object #5: Next to the Walker Public Event, there’s a Hive-infested interior room on the ground floor beside the cargo area. Go inside and scan the yellow terminals mounted to the wall.

Scannable Object #6: Go to Sloane’s Commander Center and take the steps down into the room with tables. The scannable object is in this room, mounted to the wall by the door.

Scannable Object #7: South of the Landing Zone, enter the interior room filled with Hive-infested gunk. In the chamber where two Servitors spawn, look in the corner for a small prototype giving off an extremely bright purple light.

Scannable Object #8: In the far southeast corner of the rig, enter the infested area to find a corner terminal you can scan beside a large bay door to the exterior. You can access the room from the previous scannable chamber.

New Pacific Arcology – The Rig

Scannable Object #9: Go to the entrance to the Hive Portal public event chamber near the Tidal Anchor bridge. In this small entranceway, there’s an easy to identify scannable.

Scannable Object #10: West of the bridge to the Tidal Anchor, there’s a ground floor entrance to an interior area at the corner of the rig. Inside, scan the rusty dish mounted to the wall.

Scannable Object #11: Inside the Hive Portal chamber, use the entrance near the Tidal Anchor and go through the door in the back-right. In the white/green hued room, there’s a yellow terminal mounted on the hallway wall.

Scannable Object #12: To the left of the gate that leads to the Solarium, jump up onto the platform above the doorway. There’s an object encased in Hive gunk in the corner, visible in the northeast corner of the map.

Scannable Object #13: Along the northern edge of the rig, there’s an open cargo container hanging over the edge with red lights inside. Scan the Fallen device near the opening inside the container.

New Pacific Arcology – Tidal Anchor

Scannable Object #14: When you reach the second large viewing platform with the Hive Wizard and a view of all the anchors in the far distance. When you enter the hallway with massive windows, turn right to spot the glowing Hive crystal.

New Pacific Arcology – Solarium

Scannable Object #15: Inside the large first room of the arcology, with the wave-pattern stairs, turn left and look for the scannable object to the left of the open doorway. Scan the rusty old flatscreen mounted to the wall.

New Pacific Arcology – Festering Halls

Scannable Object #16: Access the Festering Halls through the door in the back-right of the Solarium. Inside the first open plaza, go up the stairs and into the first dark chamber. Inside, there’s a glowing object stuck in the Hive gunk, near a locked red door.

Scannable Object #17: Backtrack to the previous area. At the top of the stairs, to the left of the door to the room with the first scannable, there’s another glowing device beside the white overgrown pillar.

Scannable Object #18: Continue to backtrack into the curved hallway before reaching the open plaza area. By the door that leads into the plaza, there’s a glowing blue terminal you can scan..

New Pacific Arcology – Arboretum

Scannable Object #19: To access the Arboretum, go through the door to the left in the Solarium. Early in the Arboretum, you’ll reach a large chamber with ramps that lead down. To the left of the ramps, there’s a scannable red terminal near a locked door.

Scannable Object #20: When you enter the massive causeway in the underwater Arboretum with the curved surfaces, turn right and go up the stairs to the dead end platform. Up the steps, on the left, there’s a large black stripe with a device embedded in the way you’ll be able to scan.

Scannable Object #21: Again, just as you enter the Arboretum, turn left and go up the stairs. Turn left and go up the steps onto the platform. To the left, there’s a scannable rusty monitor attached to the wall.

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