Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors Dungeon Locations Guide | Io

Go for three more Lost Sectors and grab those last dungeon chests in Destiny 2. Io is full of mystery, but the Lost Sectors are pretty self-explanatory. The map icons show the general location for each Lost Sector, giving you a good clue to their locations. You’ll also find white markers on geometry — think of those upside-down “U”s like signposts to hidden underground dungeons.

Io is a strange planet, and the last of the four you’ll visit in Destiny 2’s story campaign. While large, there’s a very limited amount of Lost Sectors here. They’re all worth doing, and if you’re struggling to find any of the dungeons in the Lost Oasis or in the Rupture, we’ve got the locations listed in text and screenshot form. Drop us a comment if you need more help, or if there’s something we missed along the way.

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Lost Sector Locations Guide | Nessus

Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons found throughout each area of Destiny 2. There are 1-3 Lost Sectors per region. These dungeons are filled with enemies, and a special Lost Sector chest is found at the end.

Echo Mesa – Lost Oasis

Lost Sector #1: Grove Ulan-Tan – Easy to find. Go to the northern wall and look for a watery area guarded by Taken. There’s a large crack in the stone wall leading into the Lost Sector cave network.

Echo Mesa – The Rupture

Lost Sector #2: Aphix Conduit – In the far southeastern corner, there’s a large cave entrance underneath a giant tree’s roots. Very easy to find.

Lost Sector #3: Travel east from the Landing Zone – the symbol (and the cave entrance) are marked with glowing red lights.

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