Destiny 2: Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Walkthrough

While not a brand new full raid, Bungie has released a new raid lair for Leviathan on Destiny 2. The new raid lair is known as Eater of Worlds and if you’re stuck or just what a heads up on what to expect then check out our full walkthrough guide down below.


How To Access Eater of Worlds Raid

To reach the new raid you’ll need to reach Calus’ ship which will be in Nessus Orbit. From there, you’ll be able to access the Eater of Worlds raid lair by selecting the icon next to the Leviathan raid. This will put you in front of a large door for you to enter that will trigger the raid lair.

  • Note: the recommended Power Level for the raid lair is 300.

Eater of Worlds Walkthrough

Corridor #1

When you enter through the large door you’ll need to continue forward where you’ll come across a large pipeline that you can drop down into. This will take you to another corridor for you to progress through.

Boiler Room

After you progress long enough down the second corridor, a pod will appear for you to go through. This pod will take players to a boiler room. Notice the giant holes that are rotating below. Your goal is to jump down through the holes to reach a platform. That platform will quickly take your team to a waterfall which will transport you to the Reactor.

Purple Room pt 1

You’re now in the reactor area which will be a giant purple hue room. This will trigger a jump puzzle. One player must jump onto the single platform in the room and that will trigger another platform to appear. From there, that player should jump onto the second platform while another player jumps on the first platform. Repeat the process until you reach the next section of platforms.

  • Note: If two people jump on the single platform you’ll have to start over.
  • Note: The platforms will eventually sink after a period of time.

Purple Room pt 2

Your team will reach a new point in which the platforms will have players separated into teams. Overall, the process is the same so just continue on until you reach the last set of platforms.

Purple Room pt 3

The last set of platforms is no different in terms of progression. However, it’s worth noting that psions will now be preset so stay alert and take them out as you continue forward. Lastly, when you reach the end of the platforms, a wave of Cabal enemies will appear for you to battle.

Corridor pt 2

After the battle with the Cabal, a chest will appear with rewards followed by a new hole that will allow players to drop down. This will lead to another corridor that will take you to a new room featuring the pump system for the reactor.

Reactor Pump System

The room that features the pump system can be dangerous due to the fact that each time the pump activates it will send out an attack. You will need to keep an eye on a safe area that will block the attack, they are abundant in this room.  Simply time the attack and move your team through the room and jump down into the spiral corridor.

Elemental Arena

After the spiral corridor, players will be shot out into an open area with debris flying everywhere. You will need to jump on the various rocks and reach down to the platform below. Once you’re on the platform, your team will need to focus on blowing up the glowing object in the middle.  Likewise, there will be three elemental areas on the map which will be highlighted and shaped like a triangle on the ground.

Split into three teams of two and cover the three elemental areas. From there, you’ll battle Vex while also picking up Vex Cranium objects. Take the Vex Cranium to your particular elemental area.

  • Note: You can have three Vex Craniums on one elemental area at a time with only a total of six being available when spawned.

After a period of time, the Vex Cranium will turn into a cannon which is extremely powerful. These should be used to take out the glowing areas of the middle structure we made mention of earlier.

  • Note: The glowing areas are elemental locked so only certain cannons will work to destroy certain glowing areas of the structure.
  • Note: A cannon will only have enough power to take out one glowing area of the structure at a time.

Elemental Arena Boss Fight

After you have taken out the structure you’ll be rewarded with a chest followed by a boss fight. The fight is similar to the process we described above. You’re still using cannons but this time around your fighting off glowing objects that will float and move around.

  • Note: You’ll have Vex to battle against as well during this fight.

You’ll actually have some control over where these orbs move when you fire at them with the cannon. The goal would be to move these orbs into the center of the enemy shield to destroy them and temporarily bring the shield down to deliver damage towards the boss.

  • Note: The boss will fire a trap type weapon at players. If a player is caught in it, they will float away and the only way out is if your team fires at the trap.

After so long the enemy will drop is shield and platforms around him will appear. Jump on them and fire at the glowing red areas. It’s important to destroy two of them as the boss will deliver a powerful attack that will kill everyone, forcing you to start over.

  • Note: Yellow numbers will indicate that you are actually hitting the area of interest.
  • Note: There are two glowing areas on its arms, head, and back.

Once you have destroyed two of the points of interest on the boss it will shield back up and you’ll have to repeat the process all over again until all of the red glowing areas of the boss has been destroyed which will also complete the raid lair.

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