Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – How to Get the Ancient Horse Gear

Improve your steed with a few powerful pieces of armor included in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second add-on, The Champions’ Ballad, with these hidden armor locations. When you start the game up, it isn’t exactly obvious where to go to get the new Ancient Horse Gear. The quest notes are completely vague, and you’ll have to figure out what to do using clues that just barely point you in the right direction.

Get the tips below for exact instructions (and pictures) to show you where to go to get both pieces of Horse Armor. The Ancient Horse stuff is pretty awesome — when you equip it, your horse will be able to sprint longer, or even appear for Link from anywhere on the map. No more losing horses in the wilderness. You can even summon your horse from a stable! It’s really handy. So what are you waiting for?

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How to Get the Ancient Horse Gear


To begin your quest for the Ancient Horse Gear, find the book at the Highland Stable with rumored locations. The Ancient Saddle allows you to call your horse from any distance, while the Ancient Bridle increases the amount of times you can spur your horse.

  • Ancient Saddle: Call your horse from any distance.
    • Faron, Malanya Spring – Found south of the Highland Stable, take the road to the Lake of the Horse God and cross the bridge to find the Horse Fairy’s location. Behind the giant flower bud, use the Magnesis Rune to pull a chest from the dirt. The chest contains the Ancient Saddle!
  • Ancient Bridle: Increases the amount of times you can spur.
    • Ridgeland, Satori Mountain – Find Satori Mountain northwest from Outskirt Stable, near the Mogg Latan Shrine. Near the peak, there’s a small pond with a pink tree. The chest is found at the base of the pink tree — again, use Magnesis to pull it out of the dirt.

To change horse bridles and saddles, talk to the girl at the horses, to the right of the Stables. She isn’t located at every Stable, and you’ll need a Max Bond  to swap gear.

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