Breath of the Wild – Seek Out Impa | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

The quest to “Seek Out Impa” might seem simple, but it’s a long path to reach your destination in the second main quest of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On your first journey outside the Great Plateau, the wider world of Hyrule becomes available to explore — and you’ll learn fast that there’s a lot to learn about this wild kingdom.

The path to Kakariko Village is full of locations you won’t want to miss. From the Dueling Peaks Tower, to the Stables, and special side-quests, there are lots of things that are easy to miss if you rush from Point A to Point B. Here we’ll discuss all the locations that are worth exploring, and where you’ll find tons of optional quests to complete. Then there’s the incredibly useful Shrine Search function you’ll want to unlock as soon as possible.

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Seek Out Impa | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

The “Seek Out Impa” main quest begins after completing all four shrines in the Great Plateau. Talk to the Old Man in the Temple of Time tower to gain this quest and begin your journey into the wider world of Hyrule.


  1. Teleport to the Great Plateau Tower and look east. There’s a main road that leads down through the Outpost Ruins, across Proxim Bridge, and toward the Dueling Peaks.
    • The road is guarded by Moblins and Bokoblins. If you’re low on weaponry, loot rusty weapons from the Old Outpost at the base of the Great Plateau.
  2. At old Proxim Bridge, you’ll find the first Shrine of the West Necluda Region. Stop at the Bosh Kala Shrine and examine the Sheikah Slate terminal to unlock the shrine and make it available for fast-travel.
    • Always stop at nearby shrines. Even if you don’t plan on unlocking the shrine, it’s worth it to open a shrine so it appears on your map. That way you can easily return later using fast-travel.
    • Across Proxim Bridge, talk to Brigo for directions.
  3. Before passing through the Dueling Peaks, climb the tower and activate it to reveal the map for the region. Clear the Bokoblin Camp near the tower to safely climb it.
    • Activating the tower unlocks the Sheikah Sensor: Shrine ability. Now your slate will alert you to any nearby shrines.
    • This function can be turned on / off on the Sheikah Slate map. Press [Y] to bring up the Sheikah Sensor options on the map.
  4. Watch out for Lizalfos in the waters as you cross though the Dueling Peaks. They’ll pop up and attack if they spot you.
  5. Cross the Big Twin Bridge to discover the Dueling Peaks Stable. Here you can register horses and get a saddle so you can begin training.
    • Training is a big deal, so we won’t get into all the details here. Basically, you’ll want to pause at the Stable and get yourself a horse.
    • Sneak up on a horse (any are located in the fields to the east of the stable) and hop on. Rapidly tap [L] shoulder button to calm the horse, then return to the stable and talk to the vendor at the front desk (while still riding the horse) to register.
    • After your horse is registered for 20 rupees, you can store the horse at the stable. A stored horse can be brought out at any of the other stables in Hyrule.
  6. At the Dueling Peaks Stables, look for optional side-quests.
    • Misko, the Great Bandit Side-Quest: Give Domidak 100 rupees to get a hidden treasure location and begin the side-quest.
    • Horse Taming Challenge: Talk to Rensa near the front counter. He’ll ask you to tame a horse in less than two minutes.
  7. From the Stables, continue north toward Kakariko Village. Before reaching the village proper, there’s one more character you’ll want to meet; Hestu.
    • The Priceless Maracas Side-Quest: Cross Kakariko Bridge and follow the pass up into the mountains. On the right side of the road, you’ll come across a plant creature near a tree. Talk to Hestu and retrieve its maracas from the marked outpost.
      • Trade Korok Seeds to Hestu to unlock more item slots.
  8. Continue up the path to reach Kakariko Village. You’ll find Impa in the large building beneath the falls on the far side of town from the entrance. Talk to her to complete your mission.
  9. There’s still plenty to find in Kakariko Village! Before leaving, you can find tons of side-quests:
    • Flown the Coop Side-Quest: Talk to Cado, across from the Armor Shop, to begin this quest. He appears during the day.
    • Koko’s Kitchen Side-Quest: Find the cooking pot near the General Store and talk to the child named Koko to begin a cooking quest. All she needs are some swift carrots — buy them from wandering merchants or from the general store.
      • Cooking With Koko Side-Quest: Another version of the same quest. Grab some Goat Butter from the general store to finish this step.
      • Koko Cuisine Side-Quest: Same Koko, new side-quest. Becomes available after finishing her first quest. Get Raw Meat from Wild Boars, Foxes, Deer and Goats.
      • Koko’s Specialty Side-Quest: This one becomes available after completing Koko Cuisine. The last item you’ll need is Courser Bee Honey. Shoot a bee hive with an arrow to get it — just make sure you have a fire handy or the bees will sting Link.
    • By Firefly’s Light Side-Quest: Only available after completing “Flown the Coop” and “Find the Fairy Fountain” — to begin this quest, talk to Lasli near her home after 10:00PM.
    • Arrows of Burning Heat Side-Quest: This only becomes available after finishing the “Seek Out Impa” main quest. Talk to the general store merchant Rola to begin.
  10. The last thing you’ll want to do is finish the “Find the Fairy Fountain” main quest. After getting the Camera Rune, talk to Pikango to start this main quest.
    • Travel up into the hills north of Kakariko Village and explore the area of the map marked “Great Fairy Fountain” — give the fairy here 100 rupees to unlock her armor enhancement shop.

That’s everything you’ll want to do while completing “Seek Out Impa” — don’t worry, all the side-quests are still available even if you completed the quest.

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