Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Rudania Quest | Dungeon Guide

Take back control of Divine Beast Vah Rudania with the next Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild main quest in Gameranx’s complete story guide, showing every step of the fourth dungeon (and major boss) on Link’s quest to destroy Calamity Ganon. This time, Link must reach the Goron City near Death Mountain, and the sky itself is burning thanks to a truly extreme heat. You’ll need fireproof elixirs (and armor) to survive outside and inside Vah Rudania.

To board Vah Rudania, you’ll have to master Goron cannons, sneak by flying sentries, cut through the darkness with blue flame torches, and navigate Vah Rudania’s 90 degree switching abilities, turning the entire dungeon on its head. The dungeon itself isn’t too long, but the boss is deadly without the right equipment. Beef up the armor available in Goron City and bring plenty of ice arrows before proceeding. Having both will make this dungeon (and boss) much easier.

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Divine Beast Vah Rudania Quest | Dungeon Guide

To start the quest to bring Vah Rudania back under the good guy’s control, you’ll need to visit Goron City in the northeastern Eldin Tower Region. You can reach this area from Lanayru, just travel north. The area around Goron City is deadly though, so you’ll need fireproof protection.

  1. Stop at Eldin Tower to get a good lay of the land. The tower is far enough south to avoid the killer extreme heat closer to Death Mountain.
    • Stop at Foothill Stable and purchase three fireproof elixirs from Gaile, one of the stable workers. She’ll sell you three elixirs for 150 rupees. The steep price is worth it.
  2. Travel up north and follow the road to Goron City. Make a pit-stop at the Southern Mine and talk to a Hylian near the cooking pot. He’ll give you the “Fireproof Lizard Roundup” side quest. Complete it to get a piece of fireproof armor that will protect you the rest of the way.
    • Once you reach Goron City, you can complete the fireproof armor set by purchasing the missing pieces at the Armor Shop.
  3. In Goron City, talk to Boss Bludo to begin the “Divine Beast Vah Rudania” main quest proper.
    • Bludo sends Link to investigate the Abandoned North Mine to find Yunobo. The area will be marked on your map.
  4. At the Abandoned North Mine, talk to the miner near the entrance and he’ll point out Yunobo’s position. Use the updrafts to reach the island where Yunobo is waiting.
    • Before dealing with the skull monster fort, try using the cannon! Hit the switch, then drop a round bomb into the gun, then detonate to launch and destroy the skull completely.
  5. Once you reach Yunobo’s cave, you’ll see that he’s trapped under rocks. Go to the cannon facing the trapped Yunobo, drop a round bomb into the slot. Hit the switch to turn the cannon, and detonate when the cannon lines up with the debris.
  6. Talk to Yunobo and then return to Boss Bludo. Don’t miss the pair of chests in the cave Yunobo was trapped in.
    • Next stop is Eldin Bridge. Climb up to the bridge hanging over Goron City and follow the path to Yunobo at the bridge. At the top, Yunobo is hiding near a cannon. Defeat the pair of Moblins to save him.
  7. The Boss doesn’t want to help, but Link wants to board Vah Rudania. To lower the Eldin Bridge, Yunobo boards the cannon. Drop a round bomb into the cannon, hit the switch, and detonate to launch Yunobo into the raised bridge.
    • Cross the bridge to enter the “battle” section of the encounter.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania – Battle

Unlike other “battles” — this is all about stealth. Vah Rudania sends a swarm of flying sentries. To get Yunobo to Vah Rudania, use your whistle [Press Down on the Left Joycon] to call your Goron pal when the coast is clear.

  • If you’re caught, Vah Rudania will call down magma bombs from Death Mountain. Take cover under something if you’re spotted!
    • Use the ledge to hide from the first sentry. Wait for it to pass.
  • Tell Yunobo to wait, then climb the cliff above the second sentry. Push the boulder down to smash it.
    • Past the second sentry, Yunobo will load himself into the cannon. Use it to blast Vah Rudania before moving forward.
    • At the third and fourth sentries, use the metal block (and Magnesis) on the cliffs above the main path to swat the sentries down.
    • For the fifth sentry, Magnesis the metal bridge and place it under the sentry to block its camera view.
  • Defeat the Moblin near the second cannon, then load Yunobo and launch him into Vah Rudania again.
    • Continue past the second cannon and you’ll encounter two sentries. Throw a bomb into the updraft to destroy the center sentry, making it easier to run by.
    • The last set of sentries are tricky. It just takes good timing to slip by. If Yunobo is caught, just rush ahead and hide under the overhang before the third cannon.

The last cannon is guarded by two Moblins. Wipe those monsters out and launch at Vah Rudania one last time to weaken it.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania – Dungeon

Before even entering the dungeon proper, immediately turn around to spot an optional chest with an ancient material.

The Vah Rudania interior is pitch black. Take the ramp down, and all you’ll see is neon darkness. Shoot at all the visible corruption eye — three should be visible from the ramp — and collect all the treasure.

  • Optional Chests: There are three optional chests in the very first room. One contains a torch with bonus durability. That’s the torch you’ll need to make progress in this dungeon. The other two chests will contain weapons and ice arrows.

Use a torch on the entrance lanterns, and move to the locked door to the back-right from the ramp. Light the torch and the gate will open. In the second section, shoot three more corruption eyes, and light the lantern in the back-left corner to access the map terminal.

  • Optional Chest: Shoot the ceiling corruption eye with an arrow. The eye is above the second lantern gate you’ll encounter in the Vah Rudania dungeon.

After using the map terminal, the shutters in the torso area will open, bringing light to the previously pitch-black room. Now that you have the map, Link can begin using the five Sheikah terminals. Once all five are activated, the main control unit will unlock, allowing you to battle the aspect of Ganon that controls the Divine Beast.

  • Optional Chests: Two more optional chests are to the left as you leave the map terminal room. Go behind the corruption spikes and shoot the eye to reveal two more chests.

To get started, use the map. You can tilt Vah Rudania in two ways — vertical (on two legs) or horizontal (regular). I will refer to the two positions this way going forward. Vah Rudania starts horizontal. Use the map and turn it vertical — near the entrance, there’s a long ramp you can walk up across. Paraglide down from the ramp to the first Sheikah terminal in the starting room.

The second Sheikah terminal is also in the first starting room. Return Vah Rudania to the regular horizontal position. At the entrance to the room, look right to spot a giant set of metal doors.

Shoot the wood keeping the door shoot with a fire arrow (or go vertical and use the torch to burn the moss on the door) to unlock it. Use Magnesis to push the door open and reveal the second Sheikah terminal.

  • Optional Chest: In the second Sheikah terminal room, burn the moss to drop a chest from the ceiling.

The third Sheikah terminal is on Vah Rudania’s back. To get on the back of it, go vertical and glide onto the spines, then swap to horizontal to drop near the main control unit. Look up at the spines and destroy the corruption eye to get rid of the sludge covering the terminal.



Turn Vah Rudania vertical again to backtrack to the spines where the Sheikah terminal is found. Clear the other corruption mass (the eye is in the center) and climb onto the spine near the terminal, then go horizontal to drop Link at the third Sheikah terminal.

Now it’s time to resolve that big ramp in the center of Vah Rudania. If you look closely, you’ll notice there are bars and a passage inside the ramp. Go vertical and follow the path up, left, and down to a lantern. Light this lantern with blue flame (from a torch) to open the gate with the orange power orb.

With the gate open, you’re free to swap between vertical and horizontal on the map screen to roll the orange ball down toward the input circle. Use Magnesis to raise the small metal stopper and drop the orange ball into the input to open the gate to the fourth Sheikah terminal.

For the fifth Sheikah terminal, start from the entrance to the torso chamber and turn left. There’s a door with an eye-shaped hole. Take out your bow, and light a regular arrow in the blue flame torch. Fire the blue-flame arrow into the lantern visible through the eye-shaped hole to open the door.

If you’re wearing fireproof armor, or have a fire-guard elixir, equip / drink and walk straight through the wall of flame to get the fifth Sheikah terminal.

Now Link can access the main control unit on Vah Rudania’s back. Using it will initiate the boss encounter, so be prepared for a burning-hot battle.

Fireblight Ganon – Boss

As the name implies, this aspect of Ganon uses fire-based attacks. That also means its weak against ice arrows. A singe ice arrow will temporarily stun Fireblight Ganon, giving you time to attack.

Beware Ganon’s axe-arm. It packs a wallop. One hit will send Link tumbling backwards. When Ganon retreats, he likes to throw a shotgun-like blast of fire pellets.

Although Fireblight Ganon flies, it usually stays close enough to the ground to attack with any melee weapons. Watch the slow wind-up on its axe attacks. Dodge backwards if he’s about to swing horizontally, and dodge left/right if vertically.

At 50% health, Fireblight Ganon gains a fire shield. Take cover behind a pillar if it charges a fireball attack. It’s slow, so you’ll have time to escape before it lands. To stun Fireblight, throw a bomb toward the boss when it charges the fireball, sucking in everything around it. Detonate the bomb when it flies into its shield to stun it.

Like other bosses, at low health Fireblight Ganon will attempt to use a charged ancient beam blast. The red laser targeting clues you in. Hide behind a pillar to escape!

Pelt Fireblight Ganon with ice arrows and finish the ugly thing off for good.

When it’s all over, use the main control unit to take back Vah Rudania. Don’t miss out on the free Heart Vessel!

  • Daruk’s Protection: When blocking, an impenetrable shield forms around Link.

Talk to the Boss of Goron City to complete the fourth and final Divine Beast. Now Link is almost ready to face off against Ganon. All you need is the Master Sword, and a whole lot of courage.

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