Breath of the Wild – All Hestu Locations | Item Slot Upgrades Guide

There’s never enough item slots in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s always another weapon, shield or bow you’ll want to grab, and the more you can carry the better. There is a way to enhance your inventory — Hestu, the dancing Korok! This festive guy first appears on the road to Kakariko Village, but he disappears after only two upgrades.

That’s supremely annoying. Instead of sticking around, he goes on an adventure, stopping over at another location before finally returning home where he’ll reside for the rest of the game. Hestu increases your inventory in exchange for Korok Seeds — rare little items rewarded for solving little puzzles all over the environment. Finding him early is great, but its easy to lose track of the jiving fool. Get all his locations in the quick list below.

All Hestu Locations | Item Slot Upgrades Guide

Hestu, the giant Korok, rewards Link with new weapon inventory slots in exchange for Korok Seeds. The price goes up after each upgrade, and after a set amount of upgrades, Hestu moves to a new location. To unlock Hestu’s upgrade-abilities, talk to him at his first location and complete his side quest.

  • Hestu Location #1: On the road to Kakariko Village in the Dueling Peaks Region. Follow the road up from Kakariko Bridge to find him for the very first time.
  • Hestu Location #2: Near the Riverside Stable, just on the edge of the Central Tower Region. Head north up the road from the stable to spot him near a large tree.
  • Hestu Location #3: The last place you’ll find Hestu is his hometown — the hidden Korok Forest. Deep within the Lost Forest, look for a canyon path that leads to the Master Sword. You’ll naturally reach this area if you complete the main quest to obtain the all-powerful Master Sword.

That’s it! Now it’s time to hunt for Korok Seeds. There are 900 seeds in total. Have fun?

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