Breath of the Wild – Reach Zora’s Domain | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

The story of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild truly begins once you undertake the Divine Beasts main quest. There are four Divine Beasts to choose from, and you’re free to choose whichever one you want to do first, but we’re sticking with the path closest to Hateno. Just north of the Necluda Region, you’ll find the Zora River. This twisting river leads all the way to the Zora’s Domain, but duh to endless downpours of rain (and electricity!) you’ll have to stick to the linear path to the city.

On the way, you’ll encounter Prince Sidon and begin the “Reach Zora’s Domain” main quest. This is the precursor, before you go after the Divine Beast Vah Ruta — and the Divine Beast is your first true battle. Normally, they’re impossible to reach. Vah Ruta can only be accessed when you get the Zora Armor, which itself is only available when you complete this quest.

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Reach Zora’s Domain | Step-by-Step Quest Guide

To begin the hunt for the Divine Beast in the Zora’s Domain, travel north from Hateno. As you reach the Zora River or Rutala River, you’ll encounter Zora. They’ll point out their Prince — you’ll absolutely find where you need to go if you climb the Lanayru Tower.

NOTE: We recommend unlocking the Lanayru Tower before continuing. It’s located on a high hill guarded by tough Moblins and Bokoblin mobs. You can bypass most of them by waiting until nightfall then scaling the tower under cover of dark. 


  1. Find Prince Sidon to begin your quest to help the Zora people. The Zora are located in the Lanayru Tower Region, so the Lanayru Tower should be your first step.
    • You’ll encounter Black Moblins and Bokoblins, as well as Wizrobes on the hill leading to the Lanayru Tower. Visit Shrines and complete them to get bonus hearts, stamina, and powerful weapons.
  2. Prince Sidon is waiting on Inogo Bridge, located just down the hill from Lanayru Tower, and near Soh Kofi Shrine.
    • Sidon will ask Link to help the Zora Domain. Agree, and head off toward their capital — just follow the path from Inogo Bridge. It’s a winding road, but it eventually leads to the Zora’s land.
  3. This begins the main quest “Reach Zora’s Domain.”
    • Sidon gives Link an Electricity Elixir. Many enemies ahead are imbued with electricity.
    • Due to the constant rain, there’s no easy way to scale the mountains around the Zora’s Domain. That leaves you with the most straightforward path, which is naturally full of monsters.
  4. The road to the Zora’s Domain is guarded by Octoroks and Lizalfos. When you reach the open forest with Lizalfos guard towers, use stealth and snipe the archers one-by-one. A headshot will kill most of them in one or two hits.
    •  The Lizalfos archers use eletricity-imbued arrows, so if they spot you, run! Wait until they lose track of you, then approach again.
    • Follow the Zora markers to find your way. The strange glowing blue signposts show you which way to go so you won’t stray from the main path.
  5. After the second drop-in with Sidon, you’ll enter a canyon filled with Electric Kreese. Plant bombs and detonate when they get close, or pick them off with arrows.
    • You’ll get shocked if you attempt to attack them with melee weapons.
  6. Oren Bridge is the halfway point. By here, you’re likely to encounter constant lightning storms.
    • During a lightning storm, take cover! If you’re underneath something, you’re safe.
    • Metal armor and weapons will attract lightning.
  7. Up the rocky cliff, turn left at the Zora engraving to reach a dangerous corridor. A Black Lizalfos is equipped with electricity-bomb arrows. They don’t just shock, but explore into a large area-of-effect.
    • Snipe the weaker Lizalfos, then use stealth to get behind the Black Lizalfos and use sneakstrike with your strongest weapon.
  8. At Luto’s Crossing, a Black Moblin will ambush Link. It’s strong but slow — wait for it to attack the ground. You’ll have plenty of time to use a charged attack to hit it back.
    • The path up Ruto Mountain is mostly peaceful, until you encounter a Wizrobe. These magicians briefly turn invisible after attacking. Watch their glowing footsteps and attack when they appear. This one drops a Lightning Rod — a special melee weapon that shoots bolts of lightning.
  9. Down the mountain path, you’ll finally reach the Great Zora Bridge that leads into the Zora’s Domain.
    • Upon entering the city, Sidon will invite you to the King’s Chamber. Before completing the quest, there’s a few more things to do!
    • Stop at the Shrine first. It’s located behind the statue square. Unlock it so you’ll have an easy fast travel point back to the Zora’s Domain.
    • Beneath the palace, you’ll find an Inn and a General Store. There’s also a Weapon Maintenance Shop, but there’s no use for that yet. Return to that later after acquiring a special trident.
  10. Meet with the King of the Zora at the top of the palace to complete this main quest.

For talking to the King, you’ll gain the Zora Armor. While wearing it, you can ascend waterfalls! It’s an amazing ability, and allows Link to reach previously unreachable areas.

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