Breath of the Wild – Fully Upgrade Armor With All 4 Great Fairy Locations

We’ve already discussed how to upgrade weapons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but we failed to reveal all four locations for these Great Fairy Fountains.

To rectify that mistake, here are all four hidden Great Fairy Fountains. To make finding these fountains even easier, we recommend scaling the towers in each region. That way your map will provide all the details you’ll need to traverse and translocate these fairies. Each Great Fairy can rank up your armor once, for a total of four upgrades. If you’re looking to make survival a lot easier, these armor enhancements are essential.

Great Fairy Locations

There are four Great Fairy Fountains, each located in one of the four corners of Hyrule. To fully upgrade a set of armor, you’ll need to visit all four Great Fairies — to activate a Great Fairy, examine the giant flower bud and pay the amount of rupees the fairy inside requests.

  • Fairy Fountain Unlock Cost:
    • #1: 100 Rupees
    • #2: 500 Rupees
    • #3: 1000 Rupees
    • #4: 10000 Rupees

The fairies can be unlocked in any order, and each fountain you find will be more expensive than the last.  It will also be able to upgrade armor one higher rank — armor starts at Rank 1 and can upgrade up to Rank 5.

  • Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain: Dueling Peaks Region — Check your map for an area called “Great Fairy Fountain”, located in the forest up the hill path from Kakariko Village.
  • Kaysa’s Great Fairy Fountain: Tabantha Tower Region — Visible from the tower. Travel just slightly south and look around the mountain of Piper Ridge.
  • Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain: Wasteland Tower Region — Travel far southwest into the desert from Gerudo Town to find this fairy under the giant Gerudo Great Skeleton.
  • Mija’s Great Fairy: Akkala Tower Region — On the east shore of Akkala Lake, easy to reach from Tarrey Town. There’s a small colorful forest area with this fairy within.

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