Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok Seeds Locations | Great Plateau

There are over 900 Korok Seeds located across Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That’s an insane amount, but they’re mostly completely optional, free to skip, but worth collecting when you’ve got the chance.

They usually involve tiny puzzles to complete — simple challenges in the environment that don’t even look like puzzles. Completing these challenges will earn you a Korok Seed, and we’re going to cover where to find them all in the prologue area.

  • NOTE: Korok Seeds will help you unlock new weapon, bow, or shield inventory slots. Turn them in to Hesta, a character you’ll meet on the trail to Kakariko Village.

The cost will gradually increase as you unlock slots — the first slot costs 1 seed, the second slot costs 2, the third slot costs 3, etc.

Korok Seeds Locations | Great Plateau

There are 15 Korok Seeds hidden in the Great Plateau area. To find them all, checkout the locations listed below.


Korok #1: Temple of Time – After meeting the Old Man, look down at the water below near the Temple of Time. Dive through the circle of lily pads to gain your first Korok Seed.

Korok #2: Temple of Time – Above the bell tower of the temple itself, climb to the high steeple roof and onto the pole to find a flurry of fairies.

Korok #3: Hopper Pond Cliffs – Take the ramp up to the cliffs above the Hopper Pond. Almost directly above the mokoblin camp in the cliff grooves, there’s a stone platform with geometric blocks. Use the Magnesis Rune to move the missing metal block into the empty spot to complete the challenge.

Korok #4: Forest of Spirits – Between the Hopper Pond and Forest of Spirits titles on the map, there’s a very large hollow log. Find the yellow flower — follower it each time it reappears to get the seed.

Korok #5: Old Man’s House – In the fields across from the Eastern Abbey, there’s a lonely house with a cooking pot out front. Climb onto the rooftop, just above the front door,  and examine the flurry.

Korok #6: Outer Walls Near Keh Namut Shrine – From the Keh Namut Shrine, look down to spot a large visible rock on the high walls near the water fall. Destroy it to discover a seed.

Korok #7: Under River of the Dead Bridge – Find the bridge near the River of the Dead falls. On the southern side, there’s a log you can use to look underneath the bridge. Examine the flurry to get this seed.

Korok #8: Mount Hylia – From the tallest peak of Mount Hylia, look down at the stone cycle below.

Korok #9: Mount Hylia – Look under the exterior wall south of Keh Namut Shrine. The paraglider will help. There’s a small alcove with stone blocks. Find the metal block and place it in the missing spot using Magnesis.

Korok #10: Mount Hylia – Along the southern edge, look underneath the ruined wall to spot a large flat stone surface. Smash it to discover the hidden Korok.

Korok #11: Mount Hylia – Right next to the previous Korok hiding spot. Climb up the rocks toward the area where the ruins stop. There’s a single stone near the base of the wall. Pick it up to reveal a Korok.

Korok#12: Swamp Near Oman Au Shrine – Go to the southwest edge of the swamp with the platform. Use Magnesis to lift the stone in the mud. It’s attached to the tree by a chain. Place the stone in the tree trunk to complete the challenge!

Korok#13: Standing Stone Near Oman Au Shrine – Visible from the previous Korok, there are two standing stone leaning into each other. There’s a single rock below. Lift it up to find a hiding Korok.

Korok#14: Forest of Spirits – Near the eastern edge of the Forest of Spirits, there’s a unique tree that’s growing out of a hill. There’s a leafy patch beneath the tree roots. Attack the leaves and move the stone to discover a Korok.

Korok#15: Forest of Spirits – In the center of the forest, there’s a large rocky hill that gives you a good view of the area. Climb up top and move the stone to find the last Korok in this area.

We’re continuing the Korok hunt into new areas. Let us know where you’re having trouble.

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